Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Honest Scrap III & Lovely Huggies Awards!!!



My wonderfully fun-loving bud Kacey over at Chronicles of a Mommy tagged me in this Honest Scrap and Hugs Award! You must go over and take a peek at her blog-it is ultra funny-fabulous and truly inspiring.
I am supposed to pass this on to 10 great blogs and list 10 HONEST things about myself and make it interesting...so here it goes folks :-)
  1. I decided to keep my maiden name "Strong" (I know...Gasp!) as apposed to taking on my married name "Snow". Can't a girl be proud of her name and keep it? It aggravates my husband oh.so.much! I do hyphenate it now though...so he is semi-happy again :-)
  2. I have 3 older brothers ; 3 sister in laws ; 3 nieces ; 3 nephews on my side of the family. On Ron's side of the family I accrued : 5 sister in laws ; 8 nieces ; 2 nephews & 4 brother in laws. Making my family Grand Total= 3 brothers ; 8 sister in laws ; 16 nieces and nephews and 4 brother in laws. (WHEW!) Maybe for the next post I will share with you all the DRAMA that comes from people like us with families this big ;-)
  3. I worked at WalMart in high school so I know how their telephone intercom systems work. Recently while waiting for someone to come to the paint department while at WalMart...(I waited patiently for more than 15 minutes)...I finally picked up the intercom phone and very politely announced: "Can an associate from Paint report to the Paint department to assist a customer please?" (Ron just walked away-far far away from me). Yep- Sometimes I am crazy and impatient like that :-)
  4. I almost got kidnapped in 6th grade while walking home from school one day. It really traumatized me because for two or so years after that...I was convinced that every car that drove by was going to try to kidnap me, so I would literally dive behind snow banks all the way to & home from school, or hide behind cars or houses! I know...I laugh about it now too-people driving by me probably thought "oh that poor crazy little girl-what is she doing?"
  5. I am addicted to Milk. I crave it-have to have it-love it. I really am a huge milk-a-holic.
  6. My nick name growing up was "butt". Yes-I had a bubble butt-there I said it. Even though I was a mere 110 lbs-I was mostly butt....BUT that was back when J.Lo wasn't cool yet, and the song singing "I like big butts and I cannot lie" wasn't out yet either. NOT COOL! If only I could still be 110 with that toosh-I would have it made....(sigh)!
  7. I once worked for a landlord of ours from Florida as a handy-woMAN! I actually learned how and did a roofing job ; how to lay real hard wood floors and refinish them ; tile ; paint ; drywall etc. It was the hardest work I have EVER done-but I got to wear cool overalls to work-and I felt pretty groovy about that!
  8. I had a dream one night that I was walking my dogs in a parking lot, when my head caught on fire and I fell face flat onto the pavement. My dogs were running around my head as I laid there screaming for help. I called my mother to tell her of this VERY strange dream and what it could have meant. Neither of us knew...but it was funny. Three days later I was walking my dogs one morning before work when a cat jumped out of the bushes. My labs started pulling me really hard, and I felt something snap in my lower back. I went to take a step and fell flat on my face, on the pavement-with my dogs running around my head-while screaming for help! Turns out I broke my L4 vertebrae. When my mom arrived at the ER as I lay there (strapped to a back board with a neck brace)... in the worst pain of my entire life...she tried to be funny in an attempt to make light of my current situation. She said : "Well...look at the bight side-at least your head's not on fire!". Ha ha!
  9. I can bring goldfish back to life. If you want to know how too...read HERE.
  10. I just got my second ticket in my entire life a few weeks ago for not wearing my seat belt (which I always do-but for some reason, did not on this day-of course!). Ironically-I was caught on the same road-pulled over onto the same side street-in the exact same spot-for the exact same thing...15 years ago! Go figure!

I know I am supposed to pass this onto 10 people, but I am still kind of a rookie at this-so I really don't have ten people to pass this on to! So if you want to participate-please feel free to give me your Honest Scrap, steal the buttons listed here-and leave me a comment to let me know to hop on over to your page so I can check it out!

-Have a happy!


Kacey R. said...

You are HILARIOUS! #3 STILL has me rolling!!!! LOL

These were all really good, some kind of freaky...but good to know. :D

Love ya girlfriend and you SO DESERVE the awards!

Chris said...

I love what you did in Walmart!!

Though I would have walked away too.

Anonymous said...

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