Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The simple joys...

The simple joys of today for me started out when my hubby told me at 8 am (when I went to bed after 4am when I got home from work) to go back to bed. (Insert a choir singing here)! I was exhausted-and quickly took him up on the offer...as this is not a regular occurrence for me! I ran upstairs and jumped in my cozy bed with my new warm and soft quilt I splurged on a few weeks ago, snuggled my body pillow and crashed. I woke up {what felt like 5 minutes later}, and it was 2pm! OMG! I came downstairs-called the hubster who was out with the Bray, and he came home to pick me up with coffee in the car :-) (again-insert choir singing here)!
We drove around in the nice weather we were having and some of my really favorite songs came on the radio-it's the simple things that make me smile. We then had a lunch date with the Brayden-he made us both laugh-many times. Love that. I got a big hug and kiss from Brayden before I left for work. I came home on my dinner break and we played soccer in the living room with the new ball Daddy bought for him this afternoon. Brayden giggled a lot. Then he sat on my lap and we shared a bagel together. He rested his soft little head on my shoulder and then would take another bite. His little legs were crossed just like Daddy's all the meantime. Ron and I had time to chit chat. I returned to work with a Betty Crocker Warm Delights Hot Fudge Brownie dessert-perfection ;-)
Oh the simple joys. I told you-it does not take much to make me smile :-) What were your simple joys today? Hope there were many.

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