Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Mom is coming home for another visit-Woot Woot! I feel a B.I.N.G.O date comin' on with her-our family-our friends. Maybe I'll actually win this time. I am getting good at this Big Time Bingo thing. You see-it's not the old pool hall type bingo where some 80+ year old lady is slowly calling the numbers-this is Seneca Nation Bingo...where there is only 1 second in between balls being called-and if you have multiple'd better be on your game sister! This is the type of Bingo where other women sitting at the tables eye you if you mention you only need "two numbers" or say something like "I'm getting close". Those are totally brave and taboo statements to make at this place ;-)
It's a multi-tasking event to say the least! {This part of the game really stresses me out}. One of the last times we went my Aunt JoAnn looked over at me mid-game and said; "Shannon-what the hell game are you on?" {This is ESPECIALLY funny because she is not one to freely use the word hell}. Everyone busted out laughing when they looked over and I was on a completely different color card. My cheeks went red instantly-and I frantically tried to play catch up as the Steel Magnolias {my Aunt Jo's group of lifelong friends that are practically family} tried to help me all the while laughing hysterically! Needless to say I did not win anything that night either! My mom even picked up a "lucky stone" in the parking lot on the way in that she later threw back on our way out {since she lost}!
Oh the joys of BINGO night. It's almost become a tradition when my mom comes home to visit. Last time my nieces got their first hand at this Big Time Bingo. During the "Cake Tier" game-"M" wanted to know if we won cake if we Bingo'd. The whole table giggled at that one-which irritated her just a tid bit. She is just like me in that this multi-tasking challenge can be more stress than fun. She eventually caught on-and fell in love like the rest of us.
B.I.N.G.O here we come!!!

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