Monday, July 27, 2009

{Be still my heart}

We waltzed the mall the other day, Brayden in his stroller and Daddy walking next to him.
Suddenly Brayden reached up his chubby little hand in search of Daddy's. Ron naturally responded in kind to Brayden, and they walked like this as I pushed the stroller {clumsily fumbling through my purse to grab the camera so I could steal a permanent memory of this beautiful moment}.
{Oh, be still my heart}.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Alice anyone?

Don't you just love my title? I can explain....really. In 6th grade I played Alice in the musical Alice in Wonderland. There was a song I had to sing and some of the words in the chorus were "who am I, where am I going and why". Ha! Ironically I still find myself singing or humming this tune when I am in a little melancholy funk.
I am currently in one of those.
We have moved back to New York. We are wondering what our next step will be. Where should we live? We really do not want to stay in NY, Florida was not what it once was for us, and with a baby and no family there...yikes what did we just do? Live and learn I guess. It's not like we have never made a big move before but this one started out as a disaster, and it never seemed to let up! First the move without our things. Then the house encountered a red ant infestation-INSIDE!!! ants coming out of the light sockets, in our beds, on the floor-everywhere!!! Soon the central air started leaking behind the wall and when we finally discovered it- the mold/mildew had crept into our closet, inside the walls and under the floors already...another little nightmare. Right about then the health insurance started coming out at a hefty tune of over $500.00 per month for all of us-and OUCH did that hurt. Things started to feel insane. We talked long and hard and long and sad and decided this was just not working.
So...we are in regroup mode I guess. I don't know what else to call it. Fresh start mode perhaps. Something. We are seriously at square one, and in this economy right now...that scares the crap out of me. I gave up a great job, our home, our stability. So did Ron. I am looking for all of the positives I can right now so I don't totally have a meltdown. I am trying to stay focused and not feel overwhelmed. I am enjoying time with my family and friends here once again. I am loving the weather and the beautiful summer. I am not questioning my faith because I know everything happens for a reason and I trust that. I am trying really hard not to feel like I have failed myself, my son or my family. I am trying to embrace this total life makeover.
I feel like that little 6th grader up on stage singing that song right now. I feel fragile and apprehensive, but a sense of calm as well.
I can't explain it.
I know that I am blessed. I have so much to be grateful for. Our family and friends have been so supportive and understanding, and that means so much to us right now. Plus-Ron and I get to play with Brayden for the summer while we regroup, re-prioritize our plans, and dream of all of the new and exciting things that await us going forward.
I am happiest in those thoughts right now.
We are praying that God will show us where it is we need to be, and help us on our path to wherever it is, that is.

Singing in the Rain

Brayden was getting a little freaked out with thunderstorms recently. He seemed to not like the thunder, the loud torrential rain hitting the windows, or anything that goes along with it. I really did not want him to be frightened of thunderstorms! When I was little my mother would always let me stand at the door and watch them, and we would ooohhh and ahhhh over them. Rain is tranquil to me now because of it. Sometimes my Mom and I would sit together on the porch eating Popsicles and watching storms pass through, and I loved it...still do.
So...promptly I started smiling and oooh-ing and aaah-ing each time it would thunder. Brayden started to smile as well, and this seemed to peak his curiosity. One day recently we were having all sorts of storms all day long. He was fascinated by watching the rain from the sliding glass door. Since there was absolutely NO lightning whatsoever...I decided we would go and play in the rain.
As soon as I opened the door, he ran out into the rain and reached his little hands up in the air-all the while giggling and stomping his feet. He was so free and happy, and getting wet made this even more fun for him. He kept squinting his eyes while rain drops landed on his face. He even stuck his tongue out. I was gut laughing! I walked him to the end of the driveway so he could see the water rushing down the street...and he swiftly decided it was time to sit, splash and embrace this thunderstorm. It was beautiful and fun. I felt as free and childish as he did. I decided to join in on the splashing while Daddy stood under cover laughing at us ;-) and taking pictures. I love you Buddy, thank you for reminding Mommy that it's the little things that make the best moments in life, and I am so glad we made this one together. Here's to more memories like these Bray ;-)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

It spoke to me...

These last few months, our family has undergone some major life changes. We have had a ton of transitions, and I have found myself questioning so many things lately. Some of the things I just can't seem to wrap my head around. I know I will eventually figure them out, with time.
I stumbled across The Lettered Cottage tonight, a blog I try to follow when I get the chance to have computer time, and she (Layla) posted this quote at the end of her post.
It spoke to me.
"Just for a moment, live in joy.
Forget about what should or should not be, and just let yourself be as you are. Let go of the need to need. Feel the reality that you already are enough, and that it is truly magnificent."
Ralph Marston


"Armff" is Brayden's way of saying Aunt Beth. Aunt Beth is my sister in law. She married my oldest brother when I was just 10 years old. She was my first sister in law. Coming from having three older brothers and being the ONLY girl....I longed for a big sister, and Beth was it for me. I used to follow her everywhere and beg her to do her hair, play with me, walk with me, sing with me and play barbies with me...and she did-so lovingly and excitedly. She always shared her clothes with me as I got older, and would have girlie talks about everything important. She would come over when I was in high school and clean my room for me, do my laundry, and drive me wherever I needed to go. She is and has always been someone I look up to, adore, love and admire. She is the most giving and kind person you could ever meet. She is feisty and has a really great sense of humor. She taught me so many things about myself. She still does. When I moved to Florida at just 19 years old, she wrote a letter to me that I could not read until I got on the airplane and one thing she wrote to me I have never forgotten. She said "Shanny, we love you oh. so. much, and feel a part of each of us goes when you do, but always remember to turn the other cheek and smile that beautiful smile-and then give the world hell".
I have quoted that to myself a million times in the last 12 years of my life.
I love her more than she will ever know.
She is my sister. can imagine my excitement when Brayden started saying "Armff" the other day, and anytime I ask him about Aunt Beth-he repeatedly walks around saying her name. It is so adorable. He loves her so much. Aunt Beth also knows how to play the piano extremely well. You can hum a song to her, and she can instantly play it. She rocks. Every time we go to their house, Brayden heads straight for that piano, and Aunt Beth always plays with him on it. The other day she was playing with him, and I was able to capture this photo. I told her she needs her to give him cool would that be?
She is the best Aunt a boy could have!
We love you so much "Armff".

Friday, July 24, 2009

I've been crafty...

I found these adorable little chairs at a sale (4 of them for 15$). I know, I know...a total steal and since Brayden was dragging one of them with us as we walked around, and periodically sitting in it-we knew they were all a must have. I did not take photos of the before, but they were just a simple plain light wood, nothing to go totally Ga-Ga Mommy had to add some pizazz.
Some sanding, washing, and cheap spray paint later...viola! Ron insisted we make one a Tampa Bay Rays baseball chair, so I obliged and painted (just one) requested. Honestly, it's kind of wiggin' (if that's a word) me out a bit because I am totally Type A, and having one chair that is slightly non-uniformed from the rest of driving me a little nutty.
Oh well...I'll get through it since it seems to be Brayden's favorite of the four, and Daddy LOVES it of course. Fun stuff. Next time I will do the whole tutorial thing, but since this was just simple spray painting-I knew it was pointless to narrate the process with my blog posse-you gals all know the drill anyway ;-) Here they are!


Our First Boo-Boo

Brayden received his very first boo-boo last week. He went running around the corner, lost his footing, and went head first into the side of the counter. I thought it was not going to be that bad until I picked him up and realized he was actually bleeding!!!
Poor baby.
After we observed the boo-boo, kissed it all better and cleaned it out...I went to fetch the neosporin. It's the first time we have had to use it. It broke my heart. The next morning this shiny red bonk mark on his precious little head was the first thing I saw, and I winced at the sight of it. He obviously is not all that fazed, and I knew the day would eventually come...but to see this precious little guy with this huge scab on his face-oh my! At 22 months...presenting...his very first real boo-boo...

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Snow family 4th...

We had a really wonderful 4th of July back here in Florida! We celebrated with our good friends Joe, Ellen and Tori. We took them to Lake Toho to experience the fun festivities they have there each year. We sat and watched an awesome new band play and just relaxed, laughed, and watched the kiddos run wild, dance and play together. Brayden kept trying to love on Tori by giving her hugs, kisses and just trying to be right next to her...she was not very amused...but then again...she is an older woman {she's 3}. ha!
Both of them danced in the yard for a few hours entertaining the crowd, and us! It was really a relaxing and wonderful 4th. We stayed and watched the fireworks show, and Brayden sat in his stroller {finally}, eating crackers, feet crossed, just chillin out. What awesome memories we will all have from this day! Happy 4th everyone-hope yours was just as wonderful!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy 7 Year Anniversary!!!

Wow, I cannot believe it has been 7 years that Ron and I have been married. 14 years together! What amazingly wonderful and sometimes trying moments we have had together. We have grown together, and grown up together in many ways. We are both amazed at some of the challenges we have endured together, and feel strength in that our love and commitment for one another has never wavered. We are proud of that. Do we want to choke each other sometimes? Sure do, but we love each other so very much. Nobody can make me laugh like Ron does, and even after all of this time, one giggle, and one Ronguy hug later...I'm as good as new again ;-)
I thought I would share our wedding story with everyone, since it's a really funny, sad, nightmarish kinda story I knew everyone would LOVE! It's all true, I promise :-) Enjoy!
First-My pastor yelled at my niece Onnalee for not wanting to put her shoes on, and said "if that child can't behave, she will not be permitted into the congregation for the wedding"-to which my mother responded with "what ever happened to come little children come onto me?" Next-after walking down the isle, my brother Todd went to give me away and the Pastor was not even at the alter yet! He was playing peek-a-boo from behind the pastors quarters door, and when he finally came out {after a few moments of pure awkwardness ensued} he started to try and marry my brother and I by saying..."we are here to join the union of SHARON and Ron." Todd and I kind of glanced at each other like "huh"? Then the pastor proceeded to marry Ron and I, and my brother was able to give me away at that point.
So, after everyone corrected the pastor politely {saying, no no-SHANNON!!!!, not SHARON} -he realized he was making a mistake and continued on with the ceremony, only to call me SHARON two more times!!! By this time, the congregation had corrected him each time, getting louder with each new SHARON the pastor threw in there! {Mind you, we were a part of this church, I was in the choir, and we counseled with him for 7 months prior to the wedding-and not ONCE did he ever call me SHARON???}.
We were also not allowed to take photos in the church during the wedding, and no video either! So, after the ceremony, my brothers gently moved the "lords table" (that the pastor insisted to have right in front) over in order to accommodate photos of the rather large wedding party.
FINALLY-the pastor comes out screaming "WHO MOVED MY TABLE" proceeding to yell at everyone saying that the Lord was IN that table, and we should never have laid hands on it. So, after my mother read him the riot act, my brothers, myself, Aunt Jo, Randee and Bether...we left for the reception. I went to storm out of the church shortly after this ordeal, {before I allowed myself to either knock out the pastor for ruining my wedding day, or allow myself to start swearing in church}, when I realized someone had accidental stepped on the end of my veil, and as I stormed off, the veil came tearing out of my hair at the same time! ARGH!
(stop laughing...this is true)
So, we decided to go to the Beach for our honeymoon-and low and behold...our car caught on fire (something sparked by the battery) and it went up in five feet of flames. The tires blew and it sounded like bombs going off. I sat and watched it burn on a bench nearby with the whole glove box in my lap. After it was towed home-we were stranded in the house without any transportation for the rest of our honeymoon. Rent a Car? Well...we tried to...because I did have full coverage, but the insurance co was in Bankruptcy-and would not provide me with a rental.
One week after all of this-I got fired from my job-seriously! Then I ended up with a terrible Lupus and Colitis Flare up-was put back on the prednisone, and stayed in bed for three weeks straight watching lifetime movies-depressed, and still in shock about all the events, and what all of it could have possibly meant.
Ahh, the memories...
We really want to renew our vows someday...just so we can both have a better memory of our wedding day! It's a big family joke around here though! At least we can keep everyone laughing right?
Happy Anniversary Ronguy, I love you!