Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Snow Family Update!

Well this week has been a hectic one, with Ron coaching Youth City Rec Baseball, and playing with the Mens league as well for the MSBL...we have gone to more baseball games than I can count in the last few weeks! Not to mention that we are now attending lots of the Jammers games in between...which are fun but I have to admit they are not quite as good as I thought they would be-but it's fun all the same I suppose. We have been more than busy, and I'm finally starting to feel the strain of running around now that I have just recently entered my third trimester of being pregnant!

We have had a lot of fun since coming back to Jamestown. We have seen a ton of old friends, and have had plans to do something with someone or go somewhere at least every night! That has been nice, but also tiring. We have also made some new and wonderful friends that we hope to keep for a lifetime as well.

Right now we are still trying to get the house unpacked and decorated...and searching for all the last minute things we still need for the baby. We are both growing more anxious everyday about meeting our little guy. The doctors have since backed off on administering the steriods, and the 30 week delivery schedule. Which is good, since today marks week 30! I have an appt. this Thursday with Andrews, and am hoping he can give me a better idea of where we are at this point. Brayden weighs 4 lbs right now...and is a bit bigger than normal...but it's understandable since I am diabetic and on insulin. However...I still have not gained that much weight in the entire pregnancy, so the Docs are happy with our progress and health status as of now.

Until the next appointment, we are just working on the baby's room, the house, baseball and trying to have some last minute couple fun while we have the chance! We have posted some photos of our new house, it's a work in progress but it's getting there slowly but surely.