Friday, October 31, 2008

Watching the Big Boys...

Everyday the little boys across the street come home from school and play flag football outside. Brayden usually hears them and wants to go on the side porch to watch them play. He stares in excitement and yells "whoa" over and over while stomping his little legs like crazy. He wants to be a big boy so badly. God love him...

Brushin' my hair...

Brayden has learned to brush his hair! He has been walking around with his hair brush lately and when we tell him "brush your hair like a big boy"...he licks the brush, and rubs it on his head...he is so proud of himself for learning how to do this just like a big boy. Although I must admit...I'm wondering why he licks it first and where he learned that from...hmmm???

Here he is licking the brush:
Here he is brushing it in his hair: Silly man

The Stinker

This is Brayden being a total stinker. Lately when we tell him no, or go to take something from him that he should not have...he usually gives us a look similar to this one. Yep, that look that he totally knows the gig is up, and he "gets it" but thinks it's funny. He is such a wonderful little stinker.



Happy Halloween 2008!

Brayden had a great second Halloween evening! Mommy just decided on a costume today and whipped one up quickly this afternoon. I had planned on getting one together yesterday but ended up sick all day from a bug of some sort and in the E.R. until 11 pm last night so this is the only costume I had time to sew today...Baby Jack Jack from The Incredibles. I bought some red jammies, and felt and voila!

Brayden started out a bit apprehensive about "trick or treating" but we did go to a few houses. Soon he realized he could reach into the candy bowl all by himself and at that discovery...he was off! He soon then realized he could grab two pieces of candy at a time...and he mostly grabbed Reese's (mommys favorite) that was very funny.

We did not stay out long as Bray has had a slight cold this week and we did not want him getting any worse...but here is our little "Jack Jack" on Halloween 2008. More pics to come later this week as our computer is on the fritz right now. Hugs hugs and Happy Halloween everyone.




Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Well friends, it is officially snowing in the Land O' Jamestown. Figures it comes on a night where corporate is in town at work, and I have a skirt and high heels on-of course! I would love to report warm sunny beautiful weather to everyone, but we all know winter is upon us. Brayden loves to watch the Noggin channel on tv where Moose-A Moose lovingly sings daily about "falling for Fall". I wish Fall were an all around the year's totally my favorite. Although I miss Florida and all of its happy mood inducing sunshine seratonin feel great and happy chemicals that it brings...Snow does bring the feeling of warm hot cocoa and Christmas...perhaps Moose A Moose will come up with a "falling for Snow" song. It could happen...

Friday, October 24, 2008

Back on Prednisone :-(

Well, I am officially back on prednisone :-( (sigh). I had been taking Humira for awhile and it was working wonders with my Lupus and Colitis, not to mention it helped keep my Diabetes in order and did not contribute to more Bone loss for the nasty Osteo....BUT-my current insurance policy covers exactly .44 cents of $1500.00 for the prescription each month! Whoo-hoo! Unreal. I am so frustrated at the health care industry. Here I am stuck taking a medication that is slowly killing me so I can function enough to work and pick up my child each day. If I did not take prednisone, I can't even get out of bed...much less lift anything-including Brayden! Prednisone has also spiked my sugars, and that is contributing to putting more of a strain on my kidneys because my sugar is so elevated. So...I have been back on it for a few weeks now, and have already started getting "puffy" again from the water retention, and I am really frustrated. I don't usually use the blog to vent my frustrations, but writing about it makes some of it better in some ways I guess. So...not only does my insurance not cover the Humira, but it also does not cover my diabetes meds or supplies (ouch), and/or my osteo shot Forteo!!! All of those medications each month without insurance would cost me about 3K! There is no way I can afford that, so I will continue on the prednisone because it is the ONLY thing that works...and believe me I have tried a million things over the last 10 years that just don't do what I need it to do. So, I am concerned that my bones are going to get worse again (worse than an 80 yr old woman-yes) worse. I am concerned that I will soon be told not to pick up my son anymore. I am really not supposed to be lifting him now, but thankfully the Occupational therapist I saw prior to his birth taught me how to pick him up in ways that I would not break my bones!!! That was with the understanding that he was not working on 25-30 pounds either though!

I am not frustrated that I am sick-I have long come to terms with those emotions- but I am frustrated that because of insurance I cannot get the care I need! That's backwards huh? I'm frustrated that I am taking a medication that allows me to hold and pick up my son, but is slowly killing me at the same time! How do you choose? I am frustrated that I work and do not rely on assistance like I certainly could...and I struggle to find insurance to pay for medications I need-when others just rely on assistance from the state and get all of their medications for FREE!!!

I have made my choices, and I choose to work and support myself in this area, but it still rubs me the wrong way sometimes when others could do the same, and don't, and they don't have to worry about taking meds that will eventually be the demise of their kidneys, liver, heart etc! I have been looking into the drug companies that make Humira, and right now they will offer a $600.00 rebate to assist with the cost, but that still is not going to help me! UGH! I am feeling okay now that I am taking prednisone again, but the winter weather has taken its toll on me this year. My Lupus has flared due to all of the changes and stress at work, these hours are killing me, and the weather does not contribute anything positive for my health this time of year either. The hours at work would not be so bad, except last week Brayden woke up when I got home at 3am, and stayed awake all day-three times!!! I tried to get him back to sleep with no success...he just wanted to play and snuggle with Mommy. The first night I played with him and prayed I would get a chance to nap later-which I did for two hours that next morning. After the second night of this, I played again, and prayed he would nap again, which he did for three hours the next morning. By day three-I woke Ron up-he came downstairs to play with Brayden, and I went to take a shower to wake myself up. I stood in the shower against the wall for a few minutes, then began sobbing because I was literally exhausted!!! Its the kind of sob that is not derived from sadness, but just pure tired frustration. I was not frustrated with Brayden because I certainly don't mind it if he needs me, in fact I love those times with him...but I was so so very tired. So...this week it hit me pretty hard...and I am trying to catch up my sleep and feel better. That just makes the insurance thing that much more frustrating to deal with right now. Hopefully soon I can figure out some solution to this medication dilemna. I will keep you posted.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Halloween Costume Contest (please vote)...

I have entered a Costume Contest with Braydens 2007 Halloween Costume! It had to be a handmade costume used from a previous year, with instructions on how to create a similar pattern! Please take a look at the link and go vote for the Baseball Baby! Also encourage others to go vote as well. Thank you!
Click the Costume Contest Link...scroll all the way down and its under "Baseball baby"

Costume Pic Entered:

bball baby Bray

Monday, October 20, 2008

Rob Sigler & Brayden!

I scheduled an appointment with Rob Sigler of Click Studios today in Jamestown. He is a wonderfully talented photographer, and Ron and I have admired his work for the last few years. He asked us if we would mind it if once the photos are complete-that he use Braydens photos in his efforts to assist in the advertising and launch of his infant photography! He said he would use his photos in either the studio, print publications, flyers, online etc. I was pretty tickled by that-and honored. So...November 14th-we have the appointment. We were asked to bring several little outfits with hats! I am so excited to see his finished work with Braydens photos. They are definately the type of pictures we will always cherish. Rob is just so very talented. We are so excited. If you want to visit his is the link.

Here is also a photo Jim at Click Studios took of Brayden at Bonnie Schnars wedding this summer. Rob was kind enough to send it to us today via email to post on the blog. Thank you again Rob, that was very kind of you!


Brayden and his Winter Coat

We put Brayden's new winter coat on him the other day, and he loved that he could go outside and roll, walk and crunch the leaves. When we first got the coat on, he fell over, literally like a tree-just fell over. It's like we cut off the cat's whiskers or something-he completely lost all balance! Too funny. Too much padding for the little guy I guess. He soon got the hang of it. Hope you enjoy the pics of him crunching the fall foliage.

Bebe' Del Couture Spring Line Gift Sets!

I am finally finished completing the Spring line of Onesie Gift sets for my new business Bebe' Del Couture! I have created a blogspot web page to host the process and journey of this little endeavor...and all of my collections are posted there. So-please take a look, and encourage others to do the same! I am currently building a better website in which ordering will be much easier, but it is taking some time. Later this week I will upload these collections to, but I don't know how much business I will do there. I am going to trial it at first to see...but you will be able to find our account there shortly. Until then-please go and take a look at my designs. I am so excited and proud of these. I have a few craft shows booked in the next few weeks which I will post dates/times for-so please check back! -Shannon

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Georgia Pictures

Here are the pictures of our trip to Georgia. We stayed with my brother Scott, sister in law Tara and nephews Bailey and Casey. My mom lives with them and helps out as their live in Grandma. She is so happy to do that, and it really helps out Scott and Tara since they both work full time in Atlanta. Aunt Jo and Candy came to see all of us while we were there, and we had tons of fun catching up with them. We took Brayden to IHOP and he ate pancakes and eggs for the first time and LOVED them. We went to a corn maze, Hooters, the outlet stores, and traveled around to most of the Cumming GA surrounding towns and communities. It was a quick, good trip, but we are glad to be home.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Weekend Fun

Here are some pictures from this weekend as Brayden was playing with his cousins Brooke and Marion. Daddy helped him play of course, but he had fun none the less. Piano-playing ball-eating ice cream at Friendly's, were all some of things he did over the weekend. Enjoy!

My First Dress...

A few weeks ago Ron's niece Chelsea asked me if I could make her Homecoming Dance dress this year! I was honored but horrified because I have sewn other things, but never a whole dress! Not to mention it was actually three dresses because of the lining, dress and overlay! AHHH! So, she gave me the design she wanted and I was off to get a pattern. Foreign to me since I have never used a pattern in my life! My mom taught me to sew without patterns-go figure! So...I called my sister in law Beth and solicited (begged) for her help. Not only was I short on time, but had no clue what to do first with this pattern. Bless Beth-she came over and coached me on the pattern and how to put this together. She was wonderful in showing me how the pieces fit together, helping reassure me that it was okay to cut the fabric, and helping me pin pin pin and iron iron iron. Lame fabric-which is horrible to work with. three short days...presenting, my first dress. I never would have been able to complete this without Beth's help. Thank you Beth-and here are some pictures of Ron's niece Chelsea going to her dance. Now that I know how to use a pattern I feel like my possibilities are endless :-) haha.

Pumpkinville 2008

We took Brayden to Pumpkinville this weekend. First we went to a Harvest Festival then made our way to Ellicottville. He had fun playing with the pumpkins, trying caramel and maple syrup all in the same day, and riding around in his little push buggy car! We had him out most of the day and he slept last night for over 11 hours straight! It was nice for me because I too was exhausted. Here are pictures from the day.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Some Fun News at work...

This week at work something exciting happened. To provide a little history, I work in a call center as a Sr. Team Supervisor managing 14 supervisors, 220 agents, and 9 clients! I get to make sure everyone is managing the way we need them to, and to insure all of the client standards are being met, etc. the midst of doing these tasks, I have worked on some charitable programs for both the employees and local community to boost morale, encourage advancement etc. I find that part of my work to be the most rewarding, and it supports many of the objectives that some of my clients encompass including Operation Smile, and WorldVision. Since our last Drive for St. Susan's and the Pay it Forward Acts of Kindness week at work I have been asked to fund raise for the Susan G. Komen Foundation to sponsor two local women doing the three day walk in Georgia at the end of October! I have also had the opportunity to coordinate a benefit for an employee that is ill, and to do work that is more rewarding than the normal Business and Marketing things that my position actually entails.
Now for the fun boss asked me to be the Lead Coordinator of a an Event Planning Committee at work! We are a team of five women that plan morale events/functions, company parties, campaigns, handle the PR, coordinate charitable events for the community and benefits for employees! Since we have over 500 employees now, we really needed to have a committee in charge of executing all of these types of events! With this I am able to plan fun events for the employees, participate in rewarding them, helping the community with charitable programs and gaining experience doing things that I truly enjoy doing more than anything else. Thats not to say I dont enjoy my regular responsibilities, but this is so much more rewarding and fullfilling to me.
I never realized that I would love this kind of work as much as I do. It has really put me in a position to analyze my future career choices. I am happiest when I am helping someone or some thing. It's funny how life leads you where you should be. I feel like I am in the right place right now. I have the most wonderful boss that recognized that this type of work really inspires me, and she encourages me and asks me to pursue it.