Monday, October 20, 2008

Bebe' Del Couture Spring Line Gift Sets!

I am finally finished completing the Spring line of Onesie Gift sets for my new business Bebe' Del Couture! I have created a blogspot web page to host the process and journey of this little endeavor...and all of my collections are posted there. So-please take a look, and encourage others to do the same! I am currently building a better website in which ordering will be much easier, but it is taking some time. Later this week I will upload these collections to, but I don't know how much business I will do there. I am going to trial it at first to see...but you will be able to find our account there shortly. Until then-please go and take a look at my designs. I am so excited and proud of these. I have a few craft shows booked in the next few weeks which I will post dates/times for-so please check back! -Shannon

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