Monday, October 20, 2008

Rob Sigler & Brayden!

I scheduled an appointment with Rob Sigler of Click Studios today in Jamestown. He is a wonderfully talented photographer, and Ron and I have admired his work for the last few years. He asked us if we would mind it if once the photos are complete-that he use Braydens photos in his efforts to assist in the advertising and launch of his infant photography! He said he would use his photos in either the studio, print publications, flyers, online etc. I was pretty tickled by that-and honored. So...November 14th-we have the appointment. We were asked to bring several little outfits with hats! I am so excited to see his finished work with Braydens photos. They are definately the type of pictures we will always cherish. Rob is just so very talented. We are so excited. If you want to visit his is the link.

Here is also a photo Jim at Click Studios took of Brayden at Bonnie Schnars wedding this summer. Rob was kind enough to send it to us today via email to post on the blog. Thank you again Rob, that was very kind of you!


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