Friday, January 30, 2009

Double dog dare me...

So, Ron and I have been discussing lately Brayden's "Big Boy Room". Yes we know...we are jumping the gun a bit! We don't anticipate giving him the big boy room for at least another 6 months or so. Brayden's crib is STILL in our bedroom, right next to my bed where the bassinet once used to be. We had Braydens nursery all done...but when he went through the "choking" "aspiration of his spit up like 20 times thing"...there was NO WAY in ^%$# I was moving him down the hallway too far from my ear shot-or view for that matter. He has since stopped doing the choking thing-but we really love having him in our room with us-and who wrote the rule about moving him into his own room anyways? Brayden loves it-we love why spoil a good thing?

Now we do realize though that he WILL want a big boy room soon and we WILL want him to have his own space as well. SO...we have been talking about how to decorate his new room, what type of bed we will purchase...etc. I found this awesome AWESOME toddler bed at Pottery Barn that I am -OH -SO- IN LOVE WITH. I love that even if he were to accidentally "roll" out of bed-the likeliness that he will suffer an injury from this bed is small-a huge bonus to me
Isn't this bed just the most adorable thing in the world? I love it. Can you guess what the theme of the room will be? Ahhh yes-BASEBALL! Go figure right? I know. I know. When I saw the price though and what it was made of... (I laughed). " I can build that!" Ron's still laughing at me too-it's okay-giggle all you want...I am on a mission. I looked up the dimensions on the website, and am now searching for all materials to make it. Of course I will make sure to take every safety measure and precaution as... (I am far more neurotic than you think)! I am so excited about it though. Dare me to make it? Double dog dare me?

Oh-and ANY Baseball Boys room decorating ideas you have for me I am totally up for. (I need to learn how to build a bed if you have a hubby who really knows his stuff on this topic...pick his brain and fill me in...(hehe).

-Thanks Ladies :-)
I wanted to make a post called "Brayden Tid-Bits" to document all of the new and little wonderful things he does as he is growing so quickly. This way-I don't have to necessarily write a long post about something new he is doing, and I can keep everyone updated on all that he is up to. will frequently be seeing Brayden Tid-Bits here and there in between my longer posts. Enjoy!


  • Today Brayden was playing with a little foam football and Daddy asked him "whatcha got buddy" and Brayden replied (like duh daddy) "Ball!"

  • Brayden has also been requesting this week when he is hungry "EAT-EAT!". When we feed him he says "mmmm-Good" and nods his head yes. (he has also learned to eat with a fork all by himself).

  • "Oh Well" also became part of his vocabulary today and he has exercised it quite vocally-all day!

  • Mommy got like 50 hugs today from Brayden...he just wanted to keep hugging me all day :-) It was beautiful-and made my entire day!

  • His favorite breakfast is waffles, and he prefers to eat (on the go) taking a bite, walking away-playing for a bit and coming back for another bite and so on ;-)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Super Bowl Weekend and the Doritos Commercial

My brother Todd, and family entered a Doritos commercial contest at a few months ago. You had to create a commercial that featured Doritos and could possibly win and play during the super bowl this year. Todd and the girls came up with this idea and asked if Ron and Brayden could assist them with being the stars of this commercial for the contest! Todd and them did all of the filming, editing, directing-they are so talented with making video commercials like this!
I have posted the video on the screen of the TV to have it is truly hysterical! Make sure your sound is on!

Our commercial did not make the finals...but we figure when Brayden is twenty-this is going to be something we can all continue to giggle at! Being that it is Super Bowl weekend...I thought I would post it again for one last HooRah!

To see the commercial direct, just click on the screen of the TV here:

PhotoStory Friday!

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

This is officially my second PhotoStory Friday-and what fun it is! Thanks again Kacey for inviting me into this routine :-)

These are pictures from Brayden's first day at the playground. First day in his whole little life so the playground. Since we are anxiously awaiting Spring with all of the snow we have been getting these last few...days, weeks, months...I thought these would be great for a PhotoStory post. Brayden first rode on the big bad dinosaur with Mommy. He had such a blast (can't you tell by his expression?) (haha)


We then made our way over the the rock climbing wall. You can tell he was even more amused and excited about this, than he was of that dinosaur (my little rebel) ;-)


Yes yes, it is clear at this point that Mommy was in fact having most of the fun at the playground that day...but what a little gentleman he was to just willingly comply with my craziness.
If he only knew how much I will most likely embarrass him in the future-he might have had a much different look on his face in this picture. Poor child...his Mommy is crazy!

That's okay though....Happy Mommy = Happy Baby (whether he wants to smile or not :-)

4th in the 4th

Kacey over at Chronicles of a Mommy tagged me for the 4th in the 4th! Thank you Kacey! If you have not checked out her blog, or her beautiful babies-pop on over there, she is a total sweetheart, and her blog will surely bring a smile to your face :-)

Here are the rules:
1- Choose the 4th file on my computer with the 4th picture.
2-Explain the 4th picture that is in that folder
3-Tag 4 people to do the same 4-no cheating (cropping, editing, etc.)

Here is my 4th file/4th picture:
This is Brayden on his first Halloween 2007. He was just shy of 2 months old in this photo. Ron and I were trying to find a costume for his first Halloween but were having trouble finding something we both Ron came up with the idea (being the big baseball coach and fan that he is)...of making Brayden a baseball Glove-with his head coming out of it (as the ball in the glove). YAY! So-the night before Halloween, we bought the fabric and I stayed up almost all night with Rons baseball glove on the dining room table staring at it-while trying to cut out and sew something that remotely looked like a baseball glove-and then trying to figure out how Brayden would fit in it, get in it, and how we would carry him around in it! By the next day-I was done...and Brayden ended up winning the "Most Imaginative Costume" award at the Theater Halloween night event. He was so comfy inside that glove-he fell asleep as we pushed him around in the stroller. Too fun!

Now-I am tagging 4 people that will also post something here you go!
1. Jennifer @ So this is my life
2. Katy @ Fun with the Baker 5
3. Tiffany @ The Shaw Family
4. Scott @ Bailey Blog

Can't wait to see what everyone posts! Have a great end of week :-)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Honest Scrap Award!

Katy over at Fun with the Baker Five gave me this Honest Scrap Award Opportunity. This is how it works:
The rules for the Honest Scrap award -The honorees are to:A) first list 10 honest things about yourself - and make it interesting, even if you have to dig deep!B) pass the award on to 7 bloggers that you feel embody the spirit of the Honest Scrap.

My list of 10 Honest Scrap things:

1. My car caught on fire during our honeymoon, this happening after we got kicked out of the church we were married in for moving the Lord's table to take wedding photos. The Pastor called me Sharon throughout the entire ceremony. True Story-if you want the details...write me-it's actually pretty funny.

2. I ran out of school in second grade and ran all the way home (twice) because my teacher yelled at me and scared me to death! I got teased about it through most of my school years and to this day people I knew back then still remember me crying in class then hauling tush out the door running home as fast I could ;-)

3. I can move my ears on command. No joke! It's been something I have done since I was an itty bitty.

4. I watched fire works this last 4th of July sitting right behind William Fichtner. He laid back on our blanket at one point and started playing with Brayden. He is from Lakewood-a town right next to ours-he was home visiting. I am a huge fan of Prison Break so I instantly acted like an annoying fan and started chatting with him-he was so very nice and gracious. He left after fireworks and forgot his Avon Skin so Soft Oil-I excitedly grabbed it and brought it husband says I'm crazy:-) I know this.

5. I was once in a bongo drum band. I was cool once like that-back in the day :-)

6. I sing Opera. I am a soprano. These days Brayden and Ron are the only ones to enjoy my singing...but I was cool once again-back in the day :-)

7. I just recently learned how to crochet. I am BAD at it (even though it is therapeutic)-so I bought a LOOM kit. It rocks. Now I am jammin' with looming hats...I have a million of them now...want one?

8. I am all about habit. I am a creature of it-I know. I always eat the same thing everywhere-don't like to change it up too much. I make lists-and lists of lists-and so on. I have a color coded highlighting system when I accomplish things on that list. I LOVE address books and my Planner-I would be lost and VERY stressed without them.

9. I have no sense of direction. It's horrible really. If I get too far from home....LOST! Seriously. Ron finally got me a GPS for Christmas-I want to go out and explore the world possibilities are endless ;-)

10. I swear......sometimes ALOT! I have been really good lately...I don't want Brayden picking up any nasty words from me ( I would feel horrible)...but I'm sorry....I do get in the van alone on my way to work sometimes and freely shout the F-bomb (multiple times). It makes me feel better-I'm not going to lie. Don't judge me ;-)

I like Katy's idea: If you wish to participate-drop me a line and I will look out for your post on Honest Scrap-if not, no biggy. -Shannon :-)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Creations-Auctions & Side of the road finds!!!

I know I have mentioned it before, especially on this blog that Ron and I are huge fans of flea markets, side of the road finds, garage sales, decorating and just making trash to treasure things. I have come to love all of the women I blog with because YOU gals all love the same things too! It has really been fun for me to see your bargains, deals, creations etc! going back through some old photos...I came across some of our most awesome finds or creations and thought I would post them! What have been your favorite finds over the years? Would love to hear about them- (and see pics too)!

This first picture is of our bed. I had long wanted a 4-post Cherry bed...and on my birthday about 4 years ago (while Ron was working at Havertys)-he came home on my birthday with this bed in tow! He had picked it up at their discount store in Melbourne one afternoon for me! It was missing the side rails, and top spindle finials. I simply wrote to the manufacturer of the bed-and they mailed me new finials at no cost. This bed cost Ron a mere $50 bucks! A King size too! No it's not a typo- $50 buckaroo's ! Still our best deal to date, and oh how I love this bed.
This next photo contains a few of our favorite finds. First- I made the cornice board from some remnant upholstery fabric I found at Old Time Pottery for 13$-cardboard with batting and staples. It is hung with heavy duty (because it was pretty heavy) L-brackets, and the whole project took me no more than a few hours to make and hang! The couch-Ron and I found at a local auction in Kissimmee for a mere $30 dollars! It is a custom made Pearsons furniture Company sofa-and is in perfect condition. It is filled with down and is accented in cherry wood. (Cherry Coffee table-free from side of road) (Cherry Clock-garage sale $10 bucks) (Wicker Chair and pillow-garage sale $40 bucks total). This was our second living room and we did not want to spend an arm and a leg to furnish it. Total cost of room = $ 93.00 Love that!
This next pic is of my beloved little hutch. Again-another Auction find in Kissimmee. The bidding started at over $700 for this Pennsylvania House piece-and because of a little tattered broken (badly repaired) leg- the bidding quickly went down to $135 and we nervously raised our paddle! Ron took it to Havertys and had his repair buddy fix it, and it's as good as new-no extra charge for the repair either! I am in love with this hutch.
This last picture-you see my wrought iron gate? Yes-it was a side of the road find. Ron did not want to stop the car-but I insisted. Once we got it home...I hooked it to the wall, and placed some caster wheels underneath so it would swivel open and closed. I have since hung a vineyard sign on it to tie into my wine theme decor-but this is one of my favorite things! The cabinet pictured here is also a side of the road find. It is an antique wine cabinet that when open holds bottles of wine-dry ice, cheese plates etc. It is a really rare and interesting piece-I am going to have to get pics of the inside and post them here soon...but Free things are so much fun!
Would love to see your fabulous favorite finds or creations! Until our next post-happy decorating!

Friday, January 23, 2009

ALERT! SNOWMEN under the weather....

These last three days poor Brayden has been running a fever. He has had variations from 99.2 to 103.4! Tylenol and Motrin, Pedialyte, sleep and luke warm tubbies have been the primary focus of our last two nights-or mornings I should say ;-0 (When I refer to sleep above...I am talking about Brayden getting sleep-because Lord knows I am not referring to Ron or myself-we are both exhausted :-)
Wednesday evening I got home from work at 2:30am (and no..I am not working at a gas station, I am not a stripper and/or a late night bartender I promise-haha :-) I actually work at a Call center-and I am the crazy Sr. Manager that wanted this shift-we did not want Brayden in a daycare)...anyways-Brayden was just waking up and his poor little cheeks were BLAZIN' red! His temp was at 99.2 at the moment so I was perplexed that he was so red! His demeanor was none other than happy and jovial though. He quickly wanted to get down and play! So...Daddy grabbed the camera because Brayden was being so silly...even though he was so sick. Here are some pictures of our little snowman's cheekies at about 4am Wed. morning-AND his crazy hair which made me giggle out loud as I picked him up from out of the pack n' play.
Mr. I'm so silly sick :-)
These photos below are Thursday late afternoon. He woke up feeling better and his temp was down, but as the afternoon was closing in-this is how he "played" on his ball pit (obviously starting to feel sick again and not in the mood to go go go!) He stayed there for a good 10 or so minutes before he came over to us for some lovies.
Picture 379
After he completely got sick (and I'll spare everyone those details)...we changed his clothes and I got ready for work. Brayden crawled up on Daddy and watched Noggin as he tried to fight the sleepies that were slowly starting to grasp his weary, sick little self :-)
Picture 393

Needless to say-he has a nasty little viral infection, and Daddy just called me at work to inform me that he too is now sick and down for the count. Looks like this weekend will involve cleaning & tending to the Snowmen in my life while trying to get caught up some much needed rest myself :-)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Our Baby Story for Photo Story Friday!

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

This is a little long for my first PhotoStory Post-but it's a great story I promise...stick with me here :-)

My husband and I have been together since 1995....we met at Walmart in high school where we both worked...I moved to Florida with him shortly after graduation and 7 years later- married him in 2002.

Shortly after finishing college, his police academy, and all those other fun things you try to accomplish before having children-we figured we were finally ready to be parents. Three or so years later-still no luck! It got to the point where I could barely attend my own nieces and nephews birthday parties because I was convinced I would never get pregnant-it was emotional and scary, and I prayed often about it. You see...I have Systemic Lupus, Ulcertaive Colitis, Hypo-thyroid Disorder-Rheumatoid Arthritis-Type II diabetes and Osteoporosis-and shattered an L4 vertebrae a few years ago from the osteo. and underwent a new Kyphoplasty surgery. So...naturally we knew the odds were against us-so all we could do was pray...and we did...ALOT!

This brings us to January 23, 2007-the day I found out I was FINALLY pregnant! We excitedly scheduled our first OB-Dr. Appt and could not wait to hear our little Snowbabies heart beat! When we arrived, we sat with the Dr. for about a 1/2 hr discussing the many complications we could face in order to carry full term. The Dr. ended our conversation with this I will never forget he said: "I'll be honest with you-you are like a case we discussed in med school, one that we never thought we would really have but we will do an ultrasound to see if this is even a viable pregnancy at this point". After talking more about my kidneys he responded to us with "you two may be forced to make a decision you don't want to make regarding this pregnancy". Ugh-okay.... (STUNNED). I am pretty quick lipped at times when people are overly rude or lack tact and consideration...and even I could think of nothing to say in response to what I had just heard. I just nodded my head in silence and walked into the other room to prepare for this first sonogram/ultrasound. A few minutes after the test started, he informed us that there was no heartbeat. He said sometimes you can hear one this early, and sometimes not-he could not tell us why at this point and time. The Dr. said because of my conditions and long term prednisone use, my kidneys would probably not be able to handle the pregnancy. I was still trying to take in all of his other disheartening statements and I can remember thinking to myself "why would God finally bless us with a baby, and then take it away so fast"? I had never felt more lost or confused or defeated in my life. He continued to inform me that they would do some 24 hr. urinalysis testing to detect the level of protein that was showing up that day. We got in the truck and I broke down sobbing. I was rambling, not making much sense, and was very sad-so was Ron. Needless to say-we DUMPED that Dr. :-) I obtained a new Ob/Gyn the next day and they scheduled a second appt for me on Valentines day of 2007. Ron unfortunately had to work that day and could not come with me to the appt. I was excited but fearful that I would still hear no heartbeat, and that I would have to go it alone that day. The nurse came into the room and started the sonogram. The sound was not on, and just as I was about to panic...she asked me if I could see the flicker on the screen! She then turned on the volume-and it was the best sound-hearing my first babies heart beating on Valentines day! I giggled, cried, giggled, my belly was bouncing from my giggles and it was hard to stay still. It was one of those great moments in life you never forget. I called Ron as soon as the appt was over, and told him the good news! There was still protein in my urine, but we were told that my kidneys should be able to handle the pregnancy with close observation and testing-Whew!


So...later that night...Ron gave me this wonderful piece of Tiffany's jewelry. He said it was a heart for Valentines Day-the day I heard Braydens heartbeat for the first time. I wore it, and have continued to wear it to every Dr's appt since. I feel it brings me good luck...and it has so much sentimental meaning behind it too!


After talking with this new Dr. I decided to stop taking all of my current medications I was on because nobody could really tell me if they would affect Brayden or not because they were so new (Humira and Forteo). They encouraged me to take a small dose of predisone, but after I did my own research on it-found that taken in the first three months of pregnancy can cause malformations and a cleft palate. I then stopped all medications I was currently on. I laid in bed unable to move for a few weeks and in pain-but it was better for the baby as crazy as that sounds! After my first trimester-I started a very low dose of prednisone and baby aspirin (for the Positive Lupus Anticoagulant issues I was having), and I started to really enjoy my pregnancy-feeling a sense of calm that God would take care of us and see us both through this pregnancy. I had more faith than I have ever had in my entire life.

Sept. 5, beautiful healthy baby boy was born via scheduled C-section. They told us to prepare ourselves for poor lung development and complications at birth due to the Diabetes. We braced ourselves for it-but he was delivered screaming like a champ. Our wonderful Dr. said "I think his lungs are developed Mommy-those screams tell me he has strong lungs"-and he did. That is also a statement I will never forget! He truly is a miracle. The odds were so against the both of us-and I am continually amazed that God blessed us in such a profound way.

My mother asked me a few days after Brayden was born if I was okay because I was a little teary here and there, wondering if it was the "baby blues" or "postpartum" (the naturally concerned Mommy that she is). I looked at her and started to cry and said " I never knew I would love him THIS much".

When Brayden is all grown up (tear, sniffle)...and his wife is going to have their first baby-I will pass my bracelet onto her to wear to every Dr's appt just as I have. Ultimately we know that God is why we have Brayden, but a beautiful timeless bracelet with such a great story behind it will make for a wonderful family tradition.

God Bless you and yours!

(I promise my next PhotoStory wont be so long...thanks for hanging in there for our Baby Story).

Ron-Shannon & Brayden

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A favorite memory...

Lately I have been going back through old photos looking at Brayden when he was just an itty bitty. I came across these photos which are some of my favorites. They were taken this last Spring on Chautauqua Lake after a nice family dinner out at the Fish Club. The weather was gorgeous, and the wind was a perfect match for the temperature that day. The lake has always been one of my favorite places, and when we lived in Florida I missed it with all of my heart. The ocean did not even compare to me.

Earlier on this day I had taken Brayden to the playground, Ron, Brayden and myself went shopping and met my long time-childhood-high school best friend Randee at McDonald's with her gorgeous babies for ice cream and some playtime in the children's ball pit area. She teased me about my new shirt (the one I have on in these pictures), and how only I could wear or would buy such a crazy-colorfully printed shirt. Her and Ron were both teasing me actually ;-) I love the shirt still...full of colors and flowers and comfy and long and just plain....ME! Not to mention I snagged it for a mere 3$ on a clearance rack! (that too being part of the joke of course!)

Every time I see these photos they literally speak to me. I love that he has bare piggies and in the second photo he is sticking his tongue out! I can almost smell the lake air from that day, and remember it blowing through my hair while these pictures were taken. I love how I can see how much Brayden looks like me in these photos, and the happiness in his face. Maybe he too felt the love I felt at that moment for everything & everyone around me. Perhaps he found his love for one of my favorite places that day as well. These are just those kind of photos-memories... when you look at them-you realize that you are a MOMMY-and it makes you SO proud-butterflies in the tummy HAPPY ;-) Who knows...but I LOVE these photos:

Friday, January 16, 2009

Braydens very FIRST hair cut!

Okay, so we decided it was finally time to take Brayden for his first hair cut today! His bangs were getting a little too long, and his hair was starting to look "scraggly". Thankfully...a childhood friend Eric Carlson and his awesome wife live across the street from us, and she is a GREAT beautician! We went to her salon today and she was more than happy to perform Brayden's first "do". Since he loves to brush his own hair...she gave him a hair brush to play with and a comb! This kept him quite content as she snipped away. He was very good, and even held perfectly still almost the whole time. At the end she asked him if he was handsome boy now and he shook his head yes. After we scooped up his hair and placed it in an envelope, they took him for a walk around the salon...he loved it. Here are some pics of our first hair cut experience.

The first few snips...

Picture 339
Picture 352
Picture 351
Picture 354
Picture 349
End Result:

Chris and Brayden: How sweet.
Picture 356

COACH Ron (aka: Hubby) Rocks!

Ron returned from Georgia and brought me my very own Coach Purse and wallet! I am so impressed that he knew how I had secretly been longing for one...(for forever and a day), and that he searched endlessly to find one that I could "use all year around" "would match my coat" "would be easy to get things out of" "with inside pockets for easy access to things". These are all things he said after he presented me with my present. He said he even had to grab it and walk around with it because it was the last one and some other women were discussing possibly purchasing it-and he did not want to lose out on it! Sweet sweet man. He has surely earned MEGA brownie points-for a little while at least ;-)

I'll be second response after my initial excitement was worrying about the cost, because this is SO something I would NEVER buy for myself in a million years (even though I had always wanted one)...but he proved to be a thrifty shopper after all and although it was more than I would have rathered he spent on me...I'm so in love with it I think I will let it slide...this time :-)

Thank you Ronguy-I love it!
Picture 358

Monday, January 12, 2009

Mommy is whooped! has been a week that Ron has been in Georgia, and he is going to be home this week,(weather permitting) BUT... I am pooped out! My family has been a huge help to me this week while Ron has been gone. Todd and Beth and the girls have babysat Brayden while I am at work-had me over for dinner, helped take the dogs out, garbage out, etc etc etc. so a huge THANK YOU to them. I have been cleaning, cooking, laundry, doing all of the tubbies, diapers, naps, getting up with Bray a few times a night, grocery shopping, playing with Brayden, paying bills, running errands and everything else in between ...and working 8 hours a day all week...and I am seriously thinking I need a NAP, for like 8 hours kind of nap. I had been trying to get Brayden to bed early this weekend at some point so I could watch that movie "Baby Mama" but it did not happen...he is cutting four new teeth, missing Daddy, and had evidently decided to boycott naps this weekend! Today we were back to normal though with nap time, and I stole.... okay borrowed his knot blanket and crawled on the couch and crashed for a few hours while he slept. It was NICE.

Now, please don't get me has also been very nice to be "without man in household" this week as well. No dirty socks next to the bed on the floor, no clothes sitting NEXT TO the hamper in the bathroom, no sneakers to move into the mudroom from the living room, hardly ANY dirty dishes, AND...nothing sitting on the dining room table that should be put away someplace else! I have had Mommy special time with Brayden the whole week and that has been very cool, but I think he secretly is wondering what I did to his Daddy....poor Brayden went to bed one night while Daddy was home, and woke up the next morning in his crib looking around for Daddy...while shouting "da-da-da-da". I catch him looking at me out of the corner of his eye like "what did you do to him". [haha].

All joking aside...we are all waiting for Daddy to get home, and praying that his drive is one that is free from bad weather, and safe. We cannot wait to see him, hug him and Brayden seriously needs some Daddy playtime. I have been trying to keep up with all the fun play things Ron does with Brayden but it comes off like I'm that guy from the movie "Liar Liar" with "the claw"'s just not the same as Daddy I guess. So...pray I can make it until Thursday without passing out from sheer exhaustion, and pray Ron has a safe trip home as well! Hugs!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

We miss you Daddy

Dear Daddy, (from the thoughts of Brayden)...
It's only been two days since you left for Georgia, but I miss you so much already! I can't wait for you to come home so we can play on our laptops together again- you can read more books with me, I can wear your favorite baseball cap around the house, and you can snuggle me to sleep-my all time favorite thing to do with you. My ball pit needs some of our time too...

Mommy says she misses you as well. She has not had anyone bring her Tim Hortons coffee in two days and has been forced to make it herself, or drive there herself to get it-she says it's more fun when you wake her up with coffee already waiting! She misses your "Ronguy" hugs and has been sleeping with your pillow because she says it smells like you!

Shadow and Chewbacca are barking for your swift return as Mommy almost forgot to feed them last night because you do it all the time-poor dogs. She has to write herself a reminder to give them water until you get back home!

All in all Dad-we miss you and want you to come home soon! We are so proud of you, and are praying for you everyday that everything you want, deserve and have worked so hard for will come to you! Drive safely, and we will see you soon. Here is a video I made for you so you can watch it anytime you want until you get home Daddy!
I love you,

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Entertaining Mommy

Santa got Brayden his very own keyboard with a microphone for Christmas due to his fascination with the big one. He loves to sing into his very own microphone now and dabble on the keys as he drags it around the living room with him wherever he goes! The other night I put his new Jammie's from Aunt Beth on him, and he decided it was time for some entertainment! He was walking around as usual singing away, then sat down and started to try to make Mommy laugh. He loves making silly faces, or doing anything that makes me giggle. This is one of those moments:
Picture 294

Sweet Pea

Brayden loves sweet peas for dinner! He will sit for a good 45 minutes chasing them with his fingers around his tray, and savoring each and every little one of them! I too loved peas as a baby-so it's really endearing and sweet that he loves them so much too! I buy the frozen peas, and the Ziploc Steam bags-viola! He even crosses his little feet while sitting there enjoying his fav veggie...too funny ;o)
Picture 288
Picture 286

Mommies Handmade Present from Daddy

Here is the gift that Ron made for me for Christmas! Well...he had my brother Todd and Sister in law Beth, nieces E & M draw, then paint this picture on this plate for me! They are all extremely talented artists, and once Ron thought up this idea-he asked for their help to make it! He spent many a nights over at my brothers house, all of them working on this present for me! I was truly touched because it was a whole family affair, and the fact that they all spent so much time trying to make it perfect for me meant so much! This was done from a photo that Rob Sigler at Click Studios took of Brayden in November, and it is one of my favorites-so they looked at the photo and painted it on the plate. My family also spent hours with me helping me create the DVD that I made for Ron for Christmas! They are just the sweetest, most wonderful family to contribute so much time and energy into helping Ron and I make these gifts for each other for Christmas. We are very blessed. Here is the finished present:
Picture 137

Monday, January 5, 2009

Can you say "IN LOVE"...

Brayden is completely "IN LOVE" with his new ball pit he got for Christmas. We cannot keep him out of it. Pictured here-we had just stopped home one day while running errands because Brayden needed a diaper change, and I had to find my sunglasses! I brought him inside, sat him down in the living room, and two seconds later he was in the ball pit-coat and all, already playing! I asked him if he would come out so I could change his diaper and we would go bye bye again, and he said "Noooooo, noooooo, nooooo, noooooo". I grabbed the camera and snapped a few pics. What a silly little munchkin I have.
Picture 382
Picture 388

Friday, January 2, 2009

This time last year...

This time last year Brayden was such a little peanut at a mere 4 months old! I am amazed at how much he has grown, learned, everything! I am amazed at how much Ron and I too have grown, learned-everything! Here are some fun pics:
Brayden January 2008

Picture 029