Friday, January 16, 2009

COACH Ron (aka: Hubby) Rocks!

Ron returned from Georgia and brought me my very own Coach Purse and wallet! I am so impressed that he knew how I had secretly been longing for one...(for forever and a day), and that he searched endlessly to find one that I could "use all year around" "would match my coat" "would be easy to get things out of" "with inside pockets for easy access to things". These are all things he said after he presented me with my present. He said he even had to grab it and walk around with it because it was the last one and some other women were discussing possibly purchasing it-and he did not want to lose out on it! Sweet sweet man. He has surely earned MEGA brownie points-for a little while at least ;-)

I'll be second response after my initial excitement was worrying about the cost, because this is SO something I would NEVER buy for myself in a million years (even though I had always wanted one)...but he proved to be a thrifty shopper after all and although it was more than I would have rathered he spent on me...I'm so in love with it I think I will let it slide...this time :-)

Thank you Ronguy-I love it!
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