Friday, January 23, 2009

ALERT! SNOWMEN under the weather....

These last three days poor Brayden has been running a fever. He has had variations from 99.2 to 103.4! Tylenol and Motrin, Pedialyte, sleep and luke warm tubbies have been the primary focus of our last two nights-or mornings I should say ;-0 (When I refer to sleep above...I am talking about Brayden getting sleep-because Lord knows I am not referring to Ron or myself-we are both exhausted :-)
Wednesday evening I got home from work at 2:30am (and no..I am not working at a gas station, I am not a stripper and/or a late night bartender I promise-haha :-) I actually work at a Call center-and I am the crazy Sr. Manager that wanted this shift-we did not want Brayden in a daycare)...anyways-Brayden was just waking up and his poor little cheeks were BLAZIN' red! His temp was at 99.2 at the moment so I was perplexed that he was so red! His demeanor was none other than happy and jovial though. He quickly wanted to get down and play! So...Daddy grabbed the camera because Brayden was being so silly...even though he was so sick. Here are some pictures of our little snowman's cheekies at about 4am Wed. morning-AND his crazy hair which made me giggle out loud as I picked him up from out of the pack n' play.
Mr. I'm so silly sick :-)
These photos below are Thursday late afternoon. He woke up feeling better and his temp was down, but as the afternoon was closing in-this is how he "played" on his ball pit (obviously starting to feel sick again and not in the mood to go go go!) He stayed there for a good 10 or so minutes before he came over to us for some lovies.
Picture 379
After he completely got sick (and I'll spare everyone those details)...we changed his clothes and I got ready for work. Brayden crawled up on Daddy and watched Noggin as he tried to fight the sleepies that were slowly starting to grasp his weary, sick little self :-)
Picture 393

Needless to say-he has a nasty little viral infection, and Daddy just called me at work to inform me that he too is now sick and down for the count. Looks like this weekend will involve cleaning & tending to the Snowmen in my life while trying to get caught up some much needed rest myself :-)

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Anonymous said...

Ahh, sorry little guy,hope you get to feelin better SOON,