Monday, January 12, 2009

Mommy is whooped! has been a week that Ron has been in Georgia, and he is going to be home this week,(weather permitting) BUT... I am pooped out! My family has been a huge help to me this week while Ron has been gone. Todd and Beth and the girls have babysat Brayden while I am at work-had me over for dinner, helped take the dogs out, garbage out, etc etc etc. so a huge THANK YOU to them. I have been cleaning, cooking, laundry, doing all of the tubbies, diapers, naps, getting up with Bray a few times a night, grocery shopping, playing with Brayden, paying bills, running errands and everything else in between ...and working 8 hours a day all week...and I am seriously thinking I need a NAP, for like 8 hours kind of nap. I had been trying to get Brayden to bed early this weekend at some point so I could watch that movie "Baby Mama" but it did not happen...he is cutting four new teeth, missing Daddy, and had evidently decided to boycott naps this weekend! Today we were back to normal though with nap time, and I stole.... okay borrowed his knot blanket and crawled on the couch and crashed for a few hours while he slept. It was NICE.

Now, please don't get me has also been very nice to be "without man in household" this week as well. No dirty socks next to the bed on the floor, no clothes sitting NEXT TO the hamper in the bathroom, no sneakers to move into the mudroom from the living room, hardly ANY dirty dishes, AND...nothing sitting on the dining room table that should be put away someplace else! I have had Mommy special time with Brayden the whole week and that has been very cool, but I think he secretly is wondering what I did to his Daddy....poor Brayden went to bed one night while Daddy was home, and woke up the next morning in his crib looking around for Daddy...while shouting "da-da-da-da". I catch him looking at me out of the corner of his eye like "what did you do to him". [haha].

All joking aside...we are all waiting for Daddy to get home, and praying that his drive is one that is free from bad weather, and safe. We cannot wait to see him, hug him and Brayden seriously needs some Daddy playtime. I have been trying to keep up with all the fun play things Ron does with Brayden but it comes off like I'm that guy from the movie "Liar Liar" with "the claw"'s just not the same as Daddy I guess. So...pray I can make it until Thursday without passing out from sheer exhaustion, and pray Ron has a safe trip home as well! Hugs!


Pretty Organizer said...

Hey lady! Thanks for swinging by and following my blog! You sound like a busy lady. Those kiddos sure do notice when there's a change in the house dong they. My hubby has been working and going to school full time for a year and a half. Managing 6 is hard but with no hubby it's torture! We married those guys because we liked having them around! Good luck 'til thursday. I've been there sister and the balancing is tricky without the man around the house! What a cutie baby you have!
Pretty Organizer

Pretty Organizer said...

DON't they.. please excuse prior typo... long day:)