Friday, January 16, 2009

Braydens very FIRST hair cut!

Okay, so we decided it was finally time to take Brayden for his first hair cut today! His bangs were getting a little too long, and his hair was starting to look "scraggly". Thankfully...a childhood friend Eric Carlson and his awesome wife live across the street from us, and she is a GREAT beautician! We went to her salon today and she was more than happy to perform Brayden's first "do". Since he loves to brush his own hair...she gave him a hair brush to play with and a comb! This kept him quite content as she snipped away. He was very good, and even held perfectly still almost the whole time. At the end she asked him if he was handsome boy now and he shook his head yes. After we scooped up his hair and placed it in an envelope, they took him for a walk around the salon...he loved it. Here are some pics of our first hair cut experience.

The first few snips...

Picture 339
Picture 352
Picture 351
Picture 354
Picture 349
End Result:

Chris and Brayden: How sweet.
Picture 356

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Kacey R. said...

Aaah! He looks like a BIG boy now! So handsome. I'm glad it was a happy experience for everyone. Every time my boys got their first haircut it was exciting and I also cried. LOL! Oh well! :o)