Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Mommies Handmade Present from Daddy

Here is the gift that Ron made for me for Christmas! Well...he had my brother Todd and Sister in law Beth, nieces E & M draw, then paint this picture on this plate for me! They are all extremely talented artists, and once Ron thought up this idea-he asked for their help to make it! He spent many a nights over at my brothers house, all of them working on this present for me! I was truly touched because it was a whole family affair, and the fact that they all spent so much time trying to make it perfect for me meant so much! This was done from a photo that Rob Sigler at Click Studios took of Brayden in November, and it is one of my favorites-so they looked at the photo and painted it on the plate. My family also spent hours with me helping me create the DVD that I made for Ron for Christmas! They are just the sweetest, most wonderful family to contribute so much time and energy into helping Ron and I make these gifts for each other for Christmas. We are very blessed. Here is the finished present:
Picture 137

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Kacey R. said...

I'm playing reading catch up this weekend. This is the sweetest gift ever! Seriously! How thoughtful and touching. Oh I LOVE it! And like you said, not only is it from yoru husband, but all of the family putting their love & time into it makes it even more special. Perfect!