Friday, January 30, 2009

I wanted to make a post called "Brayden Tid-Bits" to document all of the new and little wonderful things he does as he is growing so quickly. This way-I don't have to necessarily write a long post about something new he is doing, and I can keep everyone updated on all that he is up to. will frequently be seeing Brayden Tid-Bits here and there in between my longer posts. Enjoy!


  • Today Brayden was playing with a little foam football and Daddy asked him "whatcha got buddy" and Brayden replied (like duh daddy) "Ball!"

  • Brayden has also been requesting this week when he is hungry "EAT-EAT!". When we feed him he says "mmmm-Good" and nods his head yes. (he has also learned to eat with a fork all by himself).

  • "Oh Well" also became part of his vocabulary today and he has exercised it quite vocally-all day!

  • Mommy got like 50 hugs today from Brayden...he just wanted to keep hugging me all day :-) It was beautiful-and made my entire day!

  • His favorite breakfast is waffles, and he prefers to eat (on the go) taking a bite, walking away-playing for a bit and coming back for another bite and so on ;-)

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