Thursday, January 29, 2009

PhotoStory Friday!

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

This is officially my second PhotoStory Friday-and what fun it is! Thanks again Kacey for inviting me into this routine :-)

These are pictures from Brayden's first day at the playground. First day in his whole little life so the playground. Since we are anxiously awaiting Spring with all of the snow we have been getting these last few...days, weeks, months...I thought these would be great for a PhotoStory post. Brayden first rode on the big bad dinosaur with Mommy. He had such a blast (can't you tell by his expression?) (haha)


We then made our way over the the rock climbing wall. You can tell he was even more amused and excited about this, than he was of that dinosaur (my little rebel) ;-)


Yes yes, it is clear at this point that Mommy was in fact having most of the fun at the playground that day...but what a little gentleman he was to just willingly comply with my craziness.
If he only knew how much I will most likely embarrass him in the future-he might have had a much different look on his face in this picture. Poor child...his Mommy is crazy!

That's okay though....Happy Mommy = Happy Baby (whether he wants to smile or not :-)


Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Great post. Soon he will be big enough to run free and have quite the adventure at the park!

Alexandria said...

lol you definitely look like you had a lot of fun! What a good sport he was to sit through it all teehee.

Izzy 'N Emmy said...

Aw, so sweet! Playground photos are the best. He is soo handsome and I love his little chubby legs. Babies are the best!

Kacey R. said...

It looks like you had which is what it is all about of course. I love his REBEL bib and those sweet little legs!

Susie said...

oh what a sweet post! Those pictures are fantastic. Your little one is one.cute.kid!
I appreciate the pics of the sunshine and warm air--especially the rosy glow in your cheeks-how I miss warm air right now!
Great PSF!!