Monday, January 26, 2009

Creations-Auctions & Side of the road finds!!!

I know I have mentioned it before, especially on this blog that Ron and I are huge fans of flea markets, side of the road finds, garage sales, decorating and just making trash to treasure things. I have come to love all of the women I blog with because YOU gals all love the same things too! It has really been fun for me to see your bargains, deals, creations etc! going back through some old photos...I came across some of our most awesome finds or creations and thought I would post them! What have been your favorite finds over the years? Would love to hear about them- (and see pics too)!

This first picture is of our bed. I had long wanted a 4-post Cherry bed...and on my birthday about 4 years ago (while Ron was working at Havertys)-he came home on my birthday with this bed in tow! He had picked it up at their discount store in Melbourne one afternoon for me! It was missing the side rails, and top spindle finials. I simply wrote to the manufacturer of the bed-and they mailed me new finials at no cost. This bed cost Ron a mere $50 bucks! A King size too! No it's not a typo- $50 buckaroo's ! Still our best deal to date, and oh how I love this bed.
This next photo contains a few of our favorite finds. First- I made the cornice board from some remnant upholstery fabric I found at Old Time Pottery for 13$-cardboard with batting and staples. It is hung with heavy duty (because it was pretty heavy) L-brackets, and the whole project took me no more than a few hours to make and hang! The couch-Ron and I found at a local auction in Kissimmee for a mere $30 dollars! It is a custom made Pearsons furniture Company sofa-and is in perfect condition. It is filled with down and is accented in cherry wood. (Cherry Coffee table-free from side of road) (Cherry Clock-garage sale $10 bucks) (Wicker Chair and pillow-garage sale $40 bucks total). This was our second living room and we did not want to spend an arm and a leg to furnish it. Total cost of room = $ 93.00 Love that!
This next pic is of my beloved little hutch. Again-another Auction find in Kissimmee. The bidding started at over $700 for this Pennsylvania House piece-and because of a little tattered broken (badly repaired) leg- the bidding quickly went down to $135 and we nervously raised our paddle! Ron took it to Havertys and had his repair buddy fix it, and it's as good as new-no extra charge for the repair either! I am in love with this hutch.
This last picture-you see my wrought iron gate? Yes-it was a side of the road find. Ron did not want to stop the car-but I insisted. Once we got it home...I hooked it to the wall, and placed some caster wheels underneath so it would swivel open and closed. I have since hung a vineyard sign on it to tie into my wine theme decor-but this is one of my favorite things! The cabinet pictured here is also a side of the road find. It is an antique wine cabinet that when open holds bottles of wine-dry ice, cheese plates etc. It is a really rare and interesting piece-I am going to have to get pics of the inside and post them here soon...but Free things are so much fun!
Would love to see your fabulous favorite finds or creations! Until our next post-happy decorating!


Katy said...

Look at all of your fun finds...I'm lovin the iron gate!

Come pick up (copy) your award, I give it to you with love!!! I'll come back and check up on ya and see what you've written about yourself. OK

Tiaras and Tantrums said...

GREAT finds!!! really - next time you are going shopping - call me!