Friday, January 30, 2009

Double dog dare me...

So, Ron and I have been discussing lately Brayden's "Big Boy Room". Yes we know...we are jumping the gun a bit! We don't anticipate giving him the big boy room for at least another 6 months or so. Brayden's crib is STILL in our bedroom, right next to my bed where the bassinet once used to be. We had Braydens nursery all done...but when he went through the "choking" "aspiration of his spit up like 20 times thing"...there was NO WAY in ^%$# I was moving him down the hallway too far from my ear shot-or view for that matter. He has since stopped doing the choking thing-but we really love having him in our room with us-and who wrote the rule about moving him into his own room anyways? Brayden loves it-we love why spoil a good thing?

Now we do realize though that he WILL want a big boy room soon and we WILL want him to have his own space as well. SO...we have been talking about how to decorate his new room, what type of bed we will purchase...etc. I found this awesome AWESOME toddler bed at Pottery Barn that I am -OH -SO- IN LOVE WITH. I love that even if he were to accidentally "roll" out of bed-the likeliness that he will suffer an injury from this bed is small-a huge bonus to me
Isn't this bed just the most adorable thing in the world? I love it. Can you guess what the theme of the room will be? Ahhh yes-BASEBALL! Go figure right? I know. I know. When I saw the price though and what it was made of... (I laughed). " I can build that!" Ron's still laughing at me too-it's okay-giggle all you want...I am on a mission. I looked up the dimensions on the website, and am now searching for all materials to make it. Of course I will make sure to take every safety measure and precaution as... (I am far more neurotic than you think)! I am so excited about it though. Dare me to make it? Double dog dare me?

Oh-and ANY Baseball Boys room decorating ideas you have for me I am totally up for. (I need to learn how to build a bed if you have a hubby who really knows his stuff on this topic...pick his brain and fill me in...(hehe).

-Thanks Ladies :-)

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Kacey R. said...

Too cute! And I SO DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU with A CHERRY ON TOP! I'll keep my eyes peeled for baseball-ish things. PB Kids had some great stuff at one point. They always have dreamy stuff though... :D