Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A favorite memory...

Lately I have been going back through old photos looking at Brayden when he was just an itty bitty. I came across these photos which are some of my favorites. They were taken this last Spring on Chautauqua Lake after a nice family dinner out at the Fish Club. The weather was gorgeous, and the wind was a perfect match for the temperature that day. The lake has always been one of my favorite places, and when we lived in Florida I missed it with all of my heart. The ocean did not even compare to me.

Earlier on this day I had taken Brayden to the playground, Ron, Brayden and myself went shopping and met my long time-childhood-high school best friend Randee at McDonald's with her gorgeous babies for ice cream and some playtime in the children's ball pit area. She teased me about my new shirt (the one I have on in these pictures), and how only I could wear or would buy such a crazy-colorfully printed shirt. Her and Ron were both teasing me actually ;-) I love the shirt still...full of colors and flowers and comfy and long and just plain....ME! Not to mention I snagged it for a mere 3$ on a clearance rack! (that too being part of the joke of course!)

Every time I see these photos they literally speak to me. I love that he has bare piggies and in the second photo he is sticking his tongue out! I can almost smell the lake air from that day, and remember it blowing through my hair while these pictures were taken. I love how I can see how much Brayden looks like me in these photos, and the happiness in his face. Maybe he too felt the love I felt at that moment for everything & everyone around me. Perhaps he found his love for one of my favorite places that day as well. These are just those kind of photos-memories... when you look at them-you realize that you are a MOMMY-and it makes you SO proud-butterflies in the tummy HAPPY ;-) Who knows...but I LOVE these photos:

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Tiaras and Tantrums said...

I tried to leave a comment for your PSF post but blogger wouldn't let me - great story - glad it all worked out for you - and WHO doesn't love a blue box!!