Friday, October 3, 2008

Some Fun News at work...

This week at work something exciting happened. To provide a little history, I work in a call center as a Sr. Team Supervisor managing 14 supervisors, 220 agents, and 9 clients! I get to make sure everyone is managing the way we need them to, and to insure all of the client standards are being met, etc. the midst of doing these tasks, I have worked on some charitable programs for both the employees and local community to boost morale, encourage advancement etc. I find that part of my work to be the most rewarding, and it supports many of the objectives that some of my clients encompass including Operation Smile, and WorldVision. Since our last Drive for St. Susan's and the Pay it Forward Acts of Kindness week at work I have been asked to fund raise for the Susan G. Komen Foundation to sponsor two local women doing the three day walk in Georgia at the end of October! I have also had the opportunity to coordinate a benefit for an employee that is ill, and to do work that is more rewarding than the normal Business and Marketing things that my position actually entails.
Now for the fun boss asked me to be the Lead Coordinator of a an Event Planning Committee at work! We are a team of five women that plan morale events/functions, company parties, campaigns, handle the PR, coordinate charitable events for the community and benefits for employees! Since we have over 500 employees now, we really needed to have a committee in charge of executing all of these types of events! With this I am able to plan fun events for the employees, participate in rewarding them, helping the community with charitable programs and gaining experience doing things that I truly enjoy doing more than anything else. Thats not to say I dont enjoy my regular responsibilities, but this is so much more rewarding and fullfilling to me.
I never realized that I would love this kind of work as much as I do. It has really put me in a position to analyze my future career choices. I am happiest when I am helping someone or some thing. It's funny how life leads you where you should be. I feel like I am in the right place right now. I have the most wonderful boss that recognized that this type of work really inspires me, and she encourages me and asks me to pursue it.

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