Monday, October 6, 2008

My First Dress...

A few weeks ago Ron's niece Chelsea asked me if I could make her Homecoming Dance dress this year! I was honored but horrified because I have sewn other things, but never a whole dress! Not to mention it was actually three dresses because of the lining, dress and overlay! AHHH! So, she gave me the design she wanted and I was off to get a pattern. Foreign to me since I have never used a pattern in my life! My mom taught me to sew without patterns-go figure! So...I called my sister in law Beth and solicited (begged) for her help. Not only was I short on time, but had no clue what to do first with this pattern. Bless Beth-she came over and coached me on the pattern and how to put this together. She was wonderful in showing me how the pieces fit together, helping reassure me that it was okay to cut the fabric, and helping me pin pin pin and iron iron iron. Lame fabric-which is horrible to work with. three short days...presenting, my first dress. I never would have been able to complete this without Beth's help. Thank you Beth-and here are some pictures of Ron's niece Chelsea going to her dance. Now that I know how to use a pattern I feel like my possibilities are endless :-) haha.

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