Saturday, July 25, 2009


"Armff" is Brayden's way of saying Aunt Beth. Aunt Beth is my sister in law. She married my oldest brother when I was just 10 years old. She was my first sister in law. Coming from having three older brothers and being the ONLY girl....I longed for a big sister, and Beth was it for me. I used to follow her everywhere and beg her to do her hair, play with me, walk with me, sing with me and play barbies with me...and she did-so lovingly and excitedly. She always shared her clothes with me as I got older, and would have girlie talks about everything important. She would come over when I was in high school and clean my room for me, do my laundry, and drive me wherever I needed to go. She is and has always been someone I look up to, adore, love and admire. She is the most giving and kind person you could ever meet. She is feisty and has a really great sense of humor. She taught me so many things about myself. She still does. When I moved to Florida at just 19 years old, she wrote a letter to me that I could not read until I got on the airplane and one thing she wrote to me I have never forgotten. She said "Shanny, we love you oh. so. much, and feel a part of each of us goes when you do, but always remember to turn the other cheek and smile that beautiful smile-and then give the world hell".
I have quoted that to myself a million times in the last 12 years of my life.
I love her more than she will ever know.
She is my sister. can imagine my excitement when Brayden started saying "Armff" the other day, and anytime I ask him about Aunt Beth-he repeatedly walks around saying her name. It is so adorable. He loves her so much. Aunt Beth also knows how to play the piano extremely well. You can hum a song to her, and she can instantly play it. She rocks. Every time we go to their house, Brayden heads straight for that piano, and Aunt Beth always plays with him on it. The other day she was playing with him, and I was able to capture this photo. I told her she needs her to give him cool would that be?
She is the best Aunt a boy could have!
We love you so much "Armff".

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Emily said...

so sweet! How lucky you guys are!