Sunday, July 5, 2009

Snow family 4th...

We had a really wonderful 4th of July back here in Florida! We celebrated with our good friends Joe, Ellen and Tori. We took them to Lake Toho to experience the fun festivities they have there each year. We sat and watched an awesome new band play and just relaxed, laughed, and watched the kiddos run wild, dance and play together. Brayden kept trying to love on Tori by giving her hugs, kisses and just trying to be right next to her...she was not very amused...but then again...she is an older woman {she's 3}. ha!
Both of them danced in the yard for a few hours entertaining the crowd, and us! It was really a relaxing and wonderful 4th. We stayed and watched the fireworks show, and Brayden sat in his stroller {finally}, eating crackers, feet crossed, just chillin out. What awesome memories we will all have from this day! Happy 4th everyone-hope yours was just as wonderful!


Mommy Mac said...

Brayden looks like he's becoming a really big boy from these more baby looks!

Time flies! Happy 4th to you!

.mac :)

Katy said...

Oh, wow! Brayden is getting so big...what a cutie. Glad you all had a nice 4th.