Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy 7 Year Anniversary!!!

Wow, I cannot believe it has been 7 years that Ron and I have been married. 14 years together! What amazingly wonderful and sometimes trying moments we have had together. We have grown together, and grown up together in many ways. We are both amazed at some of the challenges we have endured together, and feel strength in that our love and commitment for one another has never wavered. We are proud of that. Do we want to choke each other sometimes? Sure do, but we love each other so very much. Nobody can make me laugh like Ron does, and even after all of this time, one giggle, and one Ronguy hug later...I'm as good as new again ;-)
I thought I would share our wedding story with everyone, since it's a really funny, sad, nightmarish kinda story I knew everyone would LOVE! It's all true, I promise :-) Enjoy!
First-My pastor yelled at my niece Onnalee for not wanting to put her shoes on, and said "if that child can't behave, she will not be permitted into the congregation for the wedding"-to which my mother responded with "what ever happened to come little children come onto me?" Next-after walking down the isle, my brother Todd went to give me away and the Pastor was not even at the alter yet! He was playing peek-a-boo from behind the pastors quarters door, and when he finally came out {after a few moments of pure awkwardness ensued} he started to try and marry my brother and I by saying..."we are here to join the union of SHARON and Ron." Todd and I kind of glanced at each other like "huh"? Then the pastor proceeded to marry Ron and I, and my brother was able to give me away at that point.
So, after everyone corrected the pastor politely {saying, no no-SHANNON!!!!, not SHARON} -he realized he was making a mistake and continued on with the ceremony, only to call me SHARON two more times!!! By this time, the congregation had corrected him each time, getting louder with each new SHARON the pastor threw in there! {Mind you, we were a part of this church, I was in the choir, and we counseled with him for 7 months prior to the wedding-and not ONCE did he ever call me SHARON???}.
We were also not allowed to take photos in the church during the wedding, and no video either! So, after the ceremony, my brothers gently moved the "lords table" (that the pastor insisted to have right in front) over in order to accommodate photos of the rather large wedding party.
FINALLY-the pastor comes out screaming "WHO MOVED MY TABLE" proceeding to yell at everyone saying that the Lord was IN that table, and we should never have laid hands on it. So, after my mother read him the riot act, my brothers, myself, Aunt Jo, Randee and Bether...we left for the reception. I went to storm out of the church shortly after this ordeal, {before I allowed myself to either knock out the pastor for ruining my wedding day, or allow myself to start swearing in church}, when I realized someone had accidental stepped on the end of my veil, and as I stormed off, the veil came tearing out of my hair at the same time! ARGH!
(stop laughing...this is true)
So, we decided to go to the Beach for our honeymoon-and low and behold...our car caught on fire (something sparked by the battery) and it went up in five feet of flames. The tires blew and it sounded like bombs going off. I sat and watched it burn on a bench nearby with the whole glove box in my lap. After it was towed home-we were stranded in the house without any transportation for the rest of our honeymoon. Rent a Car? Well...we tried to...because I did have full coverage, but the insurance co was in Bankruptcy-and would not provide me with a rental.
One week after all of this-I got fired from my job-seriously! Then I ended up with a terrible Lupus and Colitis Flare up-was put back on the prednisone, and stayed in bed for three weeks straight watching lifetime movies-depressed, and still in shock about all the events, and what all of it could have possibly meant.
Ahh, the memories...
We really want to renew our vows someday...just so we can both have a better memory of our wedding day! It's a big family joke around here though! At least we can keep everyone laughing right?
Happy Anniversary Ronguy, I love you!


Emily said...

oh my goodness...seems like the pastor was having a little pre-wedding recreation! That is a wild story. I've heard people say before that bad luck on a wedding day is mean good luck in the marriage.

Kacey R. said...

Oh my! LOL Happy Anniversary my dear! I hope you have had an awesome weekend!