Friday, July 24, 2009

I've been crafty...

I found these adorable little chairs at a sale (4 of them for 15$). I know, I know...a total steal and since Brayden was dragging one of them with us as we walked around, and periodically sitting in it-we knew they were all a must have. I did not take photos of the before, but they were just a simple plain light wood, nothing to go totally Ga-Ga Mommy had to add some pizazz.
Some sanding, washing, and cheap spray paint later...viola! Ron insisted we make one a Tampa Bay Rays baseball chair, so I obliged and painted (just one) requested. Honestly, it's kind of wiggin' (if that's a word) me out a bit because I am totally Type A, and having one chair that is slightly non-uniformed from the rest of driving me a little nutty.
Oh well...I'll get through it since it seems to be Brayden's favorite of the four, and Daddy LOVES it of course. Fun stuff. Next time I will do the whole tutorial thing, but since this was just simple spray painting-I knew it was pointless to narrate the process with my blog posse-you gals all know the drill anyway ;-) Here they are!



Emily said...

Totally cute! That is a good deal!

Mommy Mac said...

Those are so unique and quite trendy! Love the re-make~~

Hope you are well. Hope you are enjoying your new home and your new state...lucky Florida resident, you!!!

.mac :)