Wednesday, March 18, 2009

PhotoStory Friday!

PhotoStory Friday

Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

We took Brayden to Chuck E. Cheese last weekend. He played his little heart out! His favorite ride was a mini-car that sways back and forth with a steering wheel, a passenger and a dog manikin! Brayden was hooked-immediately. He had quite the "driving" experience.
He started out extremely excited that he could drive with company aboard!
Here he is getting acquainted:
As Brayden was trying to concentrate on his driving-the passenger evidently starting talking which was clearly breaking Brayden's concentration. Brayden attempted to "shush" him:
The passenger who we will just call "Chuck" still could not stay quiet. Brayden started yelling at him-which I presume from this picture was something like "I can't think about driving when you keep talking!"
Chuck continued to talk, as Brayden quickly exclaimed: "Do I have to come back there?"
Chuck then started to sob-uncontrollably. Brayden quickly felt bad and decided to give him a kiss.
Chuck thanked Brayden for giving him some love and Brayden exited the car a happier little boy, ready for some cinnamon sticks, pizza, and his sippy :-)
Your expressions are too funny Brayden-you are so fun to watch, and I am glad that you embrace life in the happy and fun way you do. You melt our hearts everyday.
We love you-Mommy and Daddy.


Wayne said...

what a great photo friday . in england we have a mini car ride and I would love to go on them they were so much fun.

scrappysue said...

chuck e cheese is a crazy place, but he looks like he had SO much fun - what fabulous pics

Michelle said...

Ah, what a little cutie!

Chris said...

That was a TERRIFIC story -- and I loved the pictures, especially THE KISS.

I still think you're slightly cracked for enduring Chuck E. Cheese -- but better you than me.

Cathy said...

Oh my goodness! That was so funny! I loved the "do I have to come back here" look...too funny!

Lauren said...

That was precious!! My husband took my girls to Chuck E Cheese tonight for a little Daddy/daughter date! Their favorite ride is a train with Barney in the passenger seat!

Anonymous said...

What cute expressions! Loved the little story! :) You definately have one precious kid on your hands!

Tiaras & Tantrums said...

lovely PSF - my kids adore CC - I hate it!

Cecily R said...

Those pictures are PRICELESS. And your commentary made me laugh. Loudly. :)

Susie said...

OH--that was fantastic! Those pictures are exactly what the words are saying--how cute is he???
Sounds like the big cheesy mouse was a hit for you guys--hooray!

kaye said...

Chuckee Cheese, gotta try it at least once!

Leah said...

Oh, can't wait to take my daughter :)

Autumn said...

What a great story and photos! What a cutie pie he is!

Alex the Girl said...

You must have sat there with the camera ready in order to catch such amazing photos. Great story.

Joy said...

Your boy is just a doll and you can see that adorable personality come through in these great photos!