Monday, March 2, 2009

Does he love this or what?

Brayden has finally taken ownership of brushing his own teeth. We have been doing it for him for quite some time now...but just this last week he has learned that this is a regular habit that is to be embraced-and he loves it-thankfully. Once we come downstairs in the morning, he goes right over to his little basket of clippers-toothbrush-hairbrush etc...and he grabs his toothbrush and brings it over to us. We get his little cup of warm water, and baby toothpaste-and we sit on the couch and help him brush his teeth. He gets so excited when we are putting the paste on the brush...and he has now independently decided he wants to do it all by himself. We still help him, but he has actually does a pretty good job! He has even started to grab the toothbrush before bedtime too! Whoo-hoo! I am so excited and proud of him, but a little sad too-he is growing up into a big boy just way too fast for me ;-)
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