Thursday, February 26, 2009

PhotoStory Friday!

PhotoStory Friday
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This photo really does make me laugh. It's terrible...but it does. When Brayden was about a month old...I placed him in his swing and pressed the #3 speed swing button as he was almost fast asleep. It seemed to be swinging really slowly, and he started to get fussy with it-so I thought a faster paced speed might be a bit more soothing for him, so I bumped it up to #6 (naive new mommy that I was). As the swing started to pick up a faster (yet normal) speed-I left the living room to go into the kitchen to do the whole "wash the ba-ba's" routine... as Brayden seemed to like this slightly faster speed and was slowly drifting back off to sleep.

I turned the water on for a mere 30 seconds and all of a sudden heard horribly loud cries and screams coming from Brayden from the living room. I dropped the bottles in the sink-and ran back into the living room (heart in my stomach)...and that #6 speed had that swing zinging him back and forth like nobody's business...poor child actually had his little fingers on the tray-holding on for dear life with pure fear in his little face! I felt horrible. Here I had only been a Mommy for a month and I had already traumatized my poor baby-thinking I would NEVER be able to bring him to the playground and that he will have a horrible fear of swings for the rest of his life without quite ever remembering why! I called my mother and was sobbing I felt so bad.

I's easy (and horrible) to laugh about now...but c'mon Graco-really....the swing would NEVER need to possibly go THAT fast to make a baby happy...

Needless to say I don't have many pictures of Brayden in his swing because he really did not enjoy it after that episode- (can we blame him?) He is not completely damaged though-he does not mind the swings at the playground, so I lucked out I guess-WHEW!
This was my official Mommy mess up moment #1. Glad that I have made so many mistakes since then that I have no shame in sharing this one with everyone :-)
Happy Friday!


Kacey R. said...

THAT my friend, is HILARIOUS! We've all done it that is for sure. And yeah, they have a #6 for those fat little babies like mine. LOL

Mommy Mac said...

Swing...ummmm, yeah. We wrecked our first son's experience too. Who knew GRACO would actually allow an infant swing to go THAT fast!!!

Your son's sweet little pea pie body in that swing makes me yearn for, back to reality with my 3 and 2 year old!!!

Glad to have found your blog!!!

.mac :)

Mommy Mac said...

You just won't believe how much Casey's face has healed in just one week!!! Thank goodness for Neosporin! Your blog is lovely! So creative! Thanks for stopping back by my neck of the woods!

.mac :)

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Too bad you hadn't come in with the camera raring to go and got a terrified look to go with the story... Mine never had a #6 setting.