Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Table Salt...


Ok, so I was inspired to write this post because a total sweetheart friend of mine mentioned purchasing a gold fish for her adorable sweet as can be littles ;-)

I was immediately reminded of my childhood goldfish (and yes-there were many), and I felt compelled to tell the mommy blog world this little piece of goldfish MAGIC ;-)
Okay-circa 1982...I received my first little goldfish. I named him-fed him-watched him swim in his little bowl...and then before I knew it-I came home one day to find him belly up, and I was deeply saddened. My mother quickly went into the kitchen and grabbed the table salt-YES you heard correct-table salt. She shook it on my fish and "stirred" him around in the bowl with her finger-after only a few attempts at this-little goldy started whizzing around the bowl-BACK TO LIFE-I am SO.NOT.KIDDING!
I thought my Mother was the most amazing, magical, awesome mother EVER! (Mind you-this gold fish lived for like 5 years after this)! Each gold fish I ever had thereafter-I would beg my mother to "salt" them back to life...and she usually did.

Now...back when Ron and I first started dating-his little sisters goldfish had jumped out of its bowl and onto a chair-where we found it...sadly laying there. Ron went to flush it down the toilet-and I convinced him that I could revive the fish. (insert a seriously perplexed and a slightly scared look from Ron here). I took the fish-placed it back in the water-"salted it" and Voila-that little thing started zooming around that fish bowl like his jumpin' out of the bowl episode had never even occurred! Ron then looked at me like I had looked at my mother that day ;-)
So, now that every mother out there in bloggyland thinks I am totally insane-I will end with this. Obviously it is a challenge and is heartbreaking when your children are faced with any kind of loss. It is a very valuable lesson to learn, and one that needs to be handled so delicately. We all know there is no wrong or right way to deal with the inevitable short lived lives of goldfish-but if you are ever in this situation and WANT to bring old goldy back-all I have to say is--- Table Salt Ladies...Table Salt ;-)

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Kacey R. said...

OK, I am SERIOUSLY rolling. All I can imagine is your honey's face looking at you like a crazy woman and you looking right back him like "really, get me the salt!" LOL I will SO be doing this so THANK YOU for the heads up. I'm scared to death little goldy is going to keel over sooner rather than later!