Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Walk for Lupus...

As many of you are aware, I have Systemic Lupus. I am an active Lupus Foundation e-advocate that encourages congress and elected officials to support legistlation important to people with Lupus and their families. This is something that I am very passionate about. I have been a part of the Lupus Foundation of America and it's efforts since 2000.

To learn a little medical history and information about Lupus-please click HERE.

This year I am planning my first Walk for Lupus Now! In the past-there was never an area that I was close to in order to join. This year I will I am going to participate-and I am REALLY excited about it. The walk is in St. Petersburg, Florida June 6, 2009. My goal is to register as a team since I have a lot of friends there (that I'm hoping I can convince to participate as well with me). I will need to (beg) for donations in the next few months...but for now I am just keepin' it simple. :-) For more information on the walk and what this means for people with Lupus-click HERE.

Some Lupus Tid-Bits:

  • Lupus Awareness Month: May
  • World Lupus Day: May 10th
  • Lupus symbol: Butterfly
  • Lupus Color: Purple

To read my personal story I submitted to the LFA regarding the Zero in 50 Campaign that was chosen and featured on the Lupus Foundation website click HERE. (I am the 4th one down on that page). My personal story will be one of many that is being delivered to Congress during the LFA's Annual Advocacy Day on March 2-3 2009. I am praying all of these stories will encourage increased funds for research.

If you would like to participate as well in the Walk for Lupus Now this year, please click on the link I provided above to locate a walk or chapter in your area. I would be tickled if you participated in anyway at all! Lupus awareness is so important right now because many people still do not know what Lupus is-or the affect it has on those living with the disease. It is the ultimate "you don't look sick" disease. As the Lupus Foundation Awareness campaign explains it..."Someone you know has Lupus".

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