Monday, February 16, 2009

Play Date: Chapter 1

Brayden had a play date this weekend! A good friend of mine Kelly came over with her daughter Genevieve to visit with my family and I, and Vieve and Brayden had hours and oodles of playtime fun together! Kelly and I have known each other since we were this little ourselves, so watching Vieve and Brayden playing was very sentimental to us. Bray and Vieve are only about 6 months apart in age-perfect to interact with each other.
Brayden at first was apprehensive to share, and was being overly boisterous when Vieve started to get some attention over him, but he adjusted well and by the end of the play date-you would have thought they were brother and sister! We took tons of pictures, both doting mommies we were sitting there giggling at their every move-but here are just a few that were ultra cute! We plan to have many more play dates in the near future as this was really a ton of fun.
Debating on sharing Wow Wow Wubzy or not...
FINALLY sharing something of his with Vieve!
Playing with her in his beloved Ball Pit :-) and being nice!!!
He didn't push her I swear ;-)

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