Monday, February 16, 2009

Grandma's visiting...

So far, Brayden has been having a total blast with all of the attention he is getting from Grandma! Mom arrived Saturday night and will be here until the end of next week. Today we ventured to the mall for some R & R, and to give Grandma a chance to push Brayden around in his stroller (she loves that)!

I of course had my camera on me so I started snappin' some fun photos. You can tell my mother was that I was making her stand in the middle of the aisle of our mall so I could capture her and Brayden. (Doesn't she look amused)? Once she finds out I blogged these pictures on her so called "bad hair day" she is going to kill me ;-) Sorry Mom!
Since we were near one of those stuffed animal machines (and my mother has been obsessed with winning toys from them for her 7 grandchildren over the years)...we had to make a quick pit stop. I think she was trying to torture me for snapping pictures of her in the mall :-)
Here is Brayden waiting as patiently as one 17.5 month old can! His dramatic "whoa whoa whoa's" could be heard echoing the mall hallway!
Grandma usually stands at these machines until something or anything is won! Here is proof that Brayden had waited long enough for a toy...he was spent. Time to go Grandma!
She is too funny. She did not win anything because the machine would not take her coins...I was just being dramatic for the sake of a story :-) She truly is a nut though when it comes to these toy machines. She will seriously stand there for a good half an hour at times to win something for one of the babies in the family! Now that's Dedication-you "go-go-go-go" Grandma!

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Kacey R. said...

Too much fun! Those little machines are addicting. I mean, that is so silly! LOL Hope you're having fun!