Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wordful Wednesday-He Loves Carrie!

I am a little late in the evening on this post but it has been a busy day, and even busier night! This is my FIRST Wordful Wednesday post-thank you and huge shout out to Kacey over at Chronicles of a Mommy for inviting me to participate in this bloggy blogland event hosted by Angie at 7 Clown Circus.
My son Brayden loves Carrie Underwood. Seriously! Okay-so Ron and I voted VOTED voted for Carrie back during her Idol days. We loved her-we still do! So...when I was pregnant, I would listen to her CD ALL of the time. I would sing her songs over and over again in the car. LOVE HER!
When Brayden was born her new CD came out with the song "So Small" on it. I started singing it to Brayden one day-and he loved it! Every single time thereafter-he would be completely silent when this song came on, and would fall asleep by the end most times. Needless to say-we NEVER leave home without it. He could be SCREAMING-and the second this song begins to play-he is as quiet as a mouse-instantly. It soothes him...makes him feel safe, and obviously was and still is his #1 favorite song. We thought he would have long been tired of it by now-but it still works wonders.
I have listened to this song more times than I can count. I found myself one day really truly listening to the words and thinking about how special it is that THIS is his favorite song. How cool is that? I was touched that even though Brayden has no clue yet what the verses of this song mean-they speak to him!
I know there will be a day when he is going to need to hear this story, and I am going to sit with him and play him this song. I hope it will continue to "speak" to him as an adult- because these words are so true and beautiful. Everyone needs to know, as he will too I'm sure someday that:
"When you figure out love is all that matters after all-It sure makes everything else-seem so small".

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angie said...

I'm so glad Kasey prompted you to participate. I'm thrilled that you did. I LOVE that he is so soothed by a particular artist. Music can be pretty darn powerful! :) I LOVE the picture, too!