Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

I cannot tell you enough how much I completely adore you, love you, look up to you, and admire you for everything you are, have been, and will be in your life. You have never ceased to amaze me with your kindness, your immensely huge heart, and your creative and strong nature. You are smart, beautiful, courageous and selfless.

I remember as a child always watching you and thinking how great you were (are). I knew you would always stand up for me-all of us, our family. I knew I could always count on you for whatever I needed. You always encouraged every dream of all of ours-and you told us we did not have to be scared of anything, and that we should always picture ourselves in positive situations, and more importantly to always put ourselves in someone else's shoes.

When I got older and thought about being a mother myself, I knew what kind of mother I wanted to just like you.

I knew that I wanted Brayden to feel the way you always made me feel. I wanted to start a special snuggle bug time with him-just as you and I had. I knew I wanted to tickle his back in only a way that a mother can-just like you used to do to me to put me to sleep. I knew I wanted him to know I am his safe place-just like you were (are) for me all of the time. I knew that I wanted to always be there for him when he cried, or needed me-just like you did for all of us all the time. I know that despite whatever I have, or do not have, or cannot give Brayden-that I will teach him that life is not all about belongings and things-but about family-relationships-love-giving and strength enough to be a good person despite circumstances. You emmulated those values because of the beautiful person that you are. I love you so very much Mom.

I hope you have a well deserved wonderful, beautiful day.

Happy-Happy Birthday to you!

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