Monday, March 9, 2009

The best part of my whole day...

The best part of my day today was just before I was going to start getting ready for work. Brayden came to me with his bottle hanging out of the side of his cute little mouth and just looked at me with those big blue eyes as he reached his chubby little hands up for me to pick him up onto the couch. He snuggled into my neck and tried to get comfy.

I pulled him in closer-and laid down next to him on the couch to snuggle. He moved right in tightly as usual. He rubbed his little feet on my legs in an attempt to fall asleep. I wrapped one arm around his belly and the other underneath his head. I asked him: "Are you comfy snuggle B?" He nestled in closer. Two minutes later-he was sound asleep...little snores and all :-) I put my lips and chin to the back of his soft (and sweet smelling) head and rubbed my cheeks on his soft hair. I love doing that. I too ended up falling asleep.

But in the first few minutes I lay there snuggling him-I thought to myself...this is the best part of my whole day!

I love you and our special moments Snuggle B. -Love Mommy.


Mommy Mac said...

Beautiful post. Your words are ever-so-genuine. I KNOW that was the best part of your day!

They have the best smell, don't they? I wish so often, I could bottle that smell up and keep it forever as one day I won't be able to snuggle in and kiss their sweet necks!!

So glad you were able to start your Monday off so wonderfully!

.mac :)

Emily said...

So precious! I love those sweet snuggles! Thanks for following me...I follow you now too.

Chris said...

Those were absolutely beautiful and touching words -- what lucky mother you are.

And what a lucky boy your son is.