Sunday, March 8, 2009

Fun Weekend...

A post from Brayden:
Hello everyone,
I wanted to write to tell you all about my fun weekend. First-since the weather was nice...Daddy let me take my car outside for a short drive. I love this so much!
Next Mommy got out all of my blocks and let me completely destroy the living room while playing my little heart out. Mommy likes to pretend she gets these out for me...but I think she secretly likes playing with them herself. Either way-it's tons of fun!
Daddy wanted to join in the block party too, so Mommy let him hang with me for a bit.
I have learned to climb on that ottoman all by myself, and when I "jump"...Daddy catches me. I like to pretend I am going to jump and psych Daddy out...this is my official "psych him out" expression:
Finally...Daddy tried to dress like me today to look cool....silly Daddy. I think he likes my style.
Don't worry-you look as good as me today Daddy.
I love when we have fun weekends like this one.
Love you guys-Brayden.


Mommy Mac said...


Great post! I really like that Brayden was the one to tell the story!

I might have to copycat you one day with this great idea. Of course, I will completely give you and your blog all credit due!

We are loving the warm weather too! Outside + boys = HAPPINESS!!!

Hope you have a great week!

.mac :)

Izzy 'N Emmy said...

WOW, what an exciting time! Looks like a blast, I love the first photo the best!!