Thursday, March 19, 2009

25 Random Facts

A few weeks ago, I was tagged on Facebook to list 25 Random Facts about myself. I have just been able to get around to it now, so I thought I would post it here-and it will feed over to my FB page...makes it much easier this way.

  1. I can move my ears.
  2. Gladiolas are my favorite flowers.
  3. I am a professional vocalist-but cannot sight read music-never could.
  4. I hardly ever wear socks, my feet get too hot-drives me crazy.
  5. Chocolate Peanut butter ice cream is my FAV.
  6. Fruity Pebbles ROCK!
  7. Dill pickles and birthday cake were my two major cravings while pregnant with Brayden.
  8. I have blue eyes-with a brown spec in my right eye.
  9. I collect wine and all things that go along with it-My mom teases me because I don't even drink-but I have a real wine fridge-it's all about the decor right?
  10. I can't eat food prepared by someone else unless I have seen their kitchen.
  11. I LOVE vegetables-any kinds and all kinds-I could LIVE on just veggies.
  12. Carraba's is my FAV to Red Lobster of course.
  13. I once lived in a haunted house.
  14. Ticks totally FREAK me out!
  15. Palmetto bugs are just EVIL. I once sprayed one with bleach thinking I could kill it-it just turned HOT PINK-and lived. Did you know they fly too? I found out that night-'nuff said.
  16. My MIL and I share the same birthday.
  17. I LOVE my calendar and address books-they ground me ;-)
  18. I am PETRIFIED of sleeping alone in the house.
  19. I hardly ever wear makeup, and when I do I stick to Neutrogena because my skin is very sensitive-it's the only brand I can use.
  20. I love long drives in the car on a sunny day with the windows down while playing some really great music.
  21. Every time I hear Billy Joel it reminds me of my oldest brother Todd. When I was little, him and I would sit in his car and he would play the beat of the music on the steering wheel and I on the dash board. I loved that!
  22. I am very close to my family. I love that they are my support system and I love that we all have a great relationship with each other. I am very very blessed.
  23. I love being a mother, I have never done anything more fulfilling or important in my entire life.
  24. I am in the middle of writing a book...that I have been working on for 5 years now ;-)
  25. My favorite season is Fall, and I LOVE maple leaves.

1 comment:

Kacey R. said...

Oh the similarities continue...chocolate PB ice cream from Baskin Robbins is my ABSOLUTE fave. It is HEAVEN!

But, one MAJOR difference....I ALWAYS wear socks. LOL SO much so that Ryder kind of freaks when I don't have them on. LOL