Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A full heart...

We made a visit over to Uncle Todd, Aunt Beth's E & M's house this weekend. Brayden of course headed straight for the piano again and then got in some good playtime with Aunt Beth-the girls, and Uncle Todd. Brayden has a special relationship with all of them which is so very important to me.
I snapped some pictures of Brayden and one stood out to me that I simply had to post. Todd was playing with Brayden and getting him to let out HUGE belly giggles. Brayden climbed up onto their ottoman (like he does at home)...and Uncle Todd started to tickle him and give him lovies (Brayden loves this).
Todd laid his head on Brayden to give him a hug and this was Brayden's reaction:
Picture 238
This photo is so beautiful to me because I remember playing with Todd myself as a child, and I remember how happy he always made me-how he could ALWAYS get me to belly chuckle, and how special I felt in his presence.
Todd is my oldest brother, and since my parents divorced when I was very young-he took over the role as Big brother/Dad. He was always very protective of me, and was always there anytime I needed him-still is.
Brayden's face in this picture tells me he adores and loves Todd just as much as I do-I can see it in his happy little face. Brayden has no idea how blessed he is to have as great of an Uncle as he does in Todd.
He has no idea how much Todd , Beth E & M will love him, protect him, build his confidence, applaud him, make him feel special, sing to and with him, help bring out his creative side, and listen to him throughout his life. He may not know yet-but I do :-)
It makes my heart feel safe and full in knowing that they will always be there for him like they have been for me.
-We love you guys!

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