Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Braydens Big Boy Room...Part II

Okay ladies...as you know I have been drawing up "Brayden's big boy room" in my head now for the last few months. Baseball, Baseball, and more baseball. We all know that Coach Ron (aka: Daddy) wants this theme for his room like nobody's business-so Baseball it is. I don't mind though...it will be tons of fun. So...I am still steering towards that Pottery Barn toddler platform bed as shown here:
platform bed
In my searching though...I have found some really REALLY great ideas that are a MUST HAVE for this big boy room. Just some snippets for your viewing pleasure :-) I have my little decorating notebook all put together with my scribbles of pictures and jabber about these ideas and plans...but for now...this is where I am at. This project is still about 6 months or more out...but I like to be prepared like that. That's just how I roll :-)
Isn't this just the cutest Comforter/Shams/Sheets-UGH! I am in heaven...and saving $$$ as we speak for this snappy little collection-because I just love it THAT much for his room. I can cut corners elsewhere right? Gotta love Pottery Barn :-)
bball room

That's about it for now! My little decorating book has some ideas to add to these such as really great handmade Cornice Boards (a surprise)...a really funky bookshelf idea that I am going to make-along with the bed (stop laughing!)...and I am still searching for some lockers-that I can paint bright red, some baseballs-extra furniture, huge picture frames for some {Tampa Bay Rays} jerseys...etc etc etc. I can't wait to get started on his room. I will keep everyone posted with my progress-until then it's Root root root for the home team!!! (Home team being me at this point :-) Happy Decorating!!!
PS...if you missed the Braydens big boy room Part I-you can view the post by clicking

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