Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cousins and Chuck E Cheese

Brayen has SEVERAL cousins...16 to be exact. Children ranging everywhere from 1 month old to 20 years old! Ryleah is one of those 16 cousins. She is almost 3 and Brayden gets to play with her just about everyday over my MIL's house. Ryleah makes him giggle, gives him hugs-they talk their own little language-and it just melts my heart to watch the two of them play. Ryleah tells him she loves him and that "her have pretty eyes". (She calls everyone "her"). Brayden follows her EVERYWHERE!
On Sunday this last weekend my MIL, SIL and family and I went to Erie to take the kids to CHUCK-E-CHEESE! This was Braydens first experience here, and he loved it. We could hardly keep up with him-he was so very over stimulated by ALL that was going on around him. Him and Ryleah went their seperate ways here and there, but at one point she found him again and I was able to capture some really cute photos. The first photo below Brayden turned around to find Ryleah behind him...he looked at her like; " Hey I know you". She giggled and tried to get Brayden to laugh-which he did.
We all had a really wonderful time...we were there for over 3 hours! Brayden was exhausted at the end of the night, and I took almost 300 pictures of this CEC experience. It was well worth it though. Then we headed back to my MIL's house for some corned beef and cabbage dinner in honor of St. Patrick's Day-then home to do tubby-jammies and snuggles with Brayden and Daddy-we can very well say the day was more than PERFECT.


Chris said...

Very cute pictures - and you have my undying admiration for braving Chuck E. Cheese's.

Oh, and I LOVE corned beef!

Kacey R. said...

Ryder asks every other day if we can go back to Chucky's. Yeah, the thing is I almost always end up wanting to take out some older kid...or worse their mother and it just doesn't make for a family friendly environment. LOL It's all good though, we'll brave it again and I am SO glad Mr. Brayden had a fabulous time. I love those cheeks and that HUGE smile. I could just eat him up!!!!