Monday, March 2, 2009

A BIG Weekend...

What a big weekend we had! Brayden took on brushing his own teeth like a big boy...getting a new big boy potty, and going to his first birthday party! He also learned how to really "jump" up and down-combined a few words to make some sentences-AND has been climbing every possible thing he can! I was a BIG weekend for Brayden ;-) Which translates into a BIG weekend for our emotions! I'll just share with you a few short story favs from this very BIG weekend we had:
  1. The big boy potty: At first I just showed it to him, what it was, what we do in the potty-etc etc...and I let him play with it for awhile to "make friends" with the potty. Later that day after he went potty in his diaper-I told him I needed to change his diaper because he went potty-and he walked into the other room-grabbed his potty-and dragged it into the living room and just stood by it looking at me! I was so excited-he understood the concept! It was kind of cool that he "got it".
    Picture 060
  2. The birthday party: When we arrived there were several children all a few years older then Brayden, and some that were closer in age...but Brayden really has not been around a lot of children at one time, so we were concerned about how he would adjust at the party. He started off by familiarizing himself with the place by running everywhere. Ron and I had to take turns keeping up with him. Then the children started a conga line...and Brayden quickly ran to the end of the line and joined in...very happily. Before we knew it-he had run to the front of the line to lead the other children and was looking behind him to see if they were still following him-and when he saw that they were-got even more giggly. During the present opening moment-all of the children sat down next to each other on the floor. Brayden clearly had no room to sit as they were all so close together. Just as I was going to find him a spot-he walked in between the front and sat down backwards on their laps-then they moved-and he had a spot. Hmmm...maybe he does not need Mommy as much as I thought he would today??? He was even freely giving hugs and kisses to the other kids :-) It was very sweet. It was good that he plays well, wasn't overly intimidated and had a BLAST! Picture 080
  3. Now, I don't have any pictures of the jumping or climbing...BUT lets just say that he ended up ON TOP of Grandma's dining room table in a matter of nano-seconds this weekend and thought that was way cool! STINKER! He also climbed and stood on top of the ottoman in the living room and jumped onto the couch from it giggling the whole time. YIKES! He scares me ;-)

So...that was our BIG weekend. I'll admit, I am always a little gun-shy to write these types of posts because I am afraid I will sound like an over-proud Mama that is gushing annoyingly about her child. I do gush...I know...and I am proud...I know, but I hope it comes off as I want it to...that we are just excited to share and document his milestones as they happen. This just happened to be a busy milestone weekend where he thought he would just push me over the edge with the amount of blog posts I now have had to write :-) I am always amazed by how fast he is growing and changing everyday. It's beautiful and wonderful, but sad too because it is all happening way too fast! Here's to your BIG weekends!

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Kacey R. said...

Oooh! I can't wait for nap time to delve in to this post. Looks like a lot of fun by the pics! I have something for you at my place!!!