Saturday, October 31, 2009

Our little Drummer...

Brayden loves to drum, so it was only fitting he be a drummer for Halloween.  I made a trip to WalMart late late lastnight in search of items to make this little drummer costume happen.  Fur, buttons, some black pants, a red shirt, ribbon, fringe, glitter, polyfoam, and hot glue later....this is what Mommy made {until 3am I might add} the night before Halloween. 
Picture 216
When I got the costume on him tonight, he quickly looked down at the fur on his sleeves and pet it so lovingly.  He then looked at me and said "puppy"!  "Ah, no Bray, that's fur baby, not a puppy!".  I thought for sure after that comment that showing him the hat I made was really gonna freak him out!
Oh the hat.  I will admit that in making this costume, that hat was indeed the hardest part.  I was trying polyfoam on Brayden's head in his sleep to make sure I could make this thing fit.  Trying to cut its shape was not any easier, and the hot glue involved left me with three blisters on my poor fingers. 
It was so worth it though.
Brayden had so much fun marching around telling everyone that he was "a drummer".
 He said " hi-see" for trick or treat, and {elcome} and {ankyou} to almost everyone he saw.
  It was quite precious to watch.
At one point he boycotted walking any further until we gave him a "sticky" aka: sucker.
 He could not figure out why it was so important to get all of this candy, only to put it in his little drum container!
 He finally had enough with getting candy he wasn't eating.
He finally stood up long enough to make sure the candy was still there, and to help Daddy pick out just the right "sticky".
Picture 308
Once he found the right one, and we inspected it and handed it over....we got our happy little drummer back...
Sticky, red lips and all...
{Yes, we know...we are suckers!  No pun intended}
He soon ran out of his little sugar rush, and decided to take a rest...
on a strangers front porch...
while insisting we "wing" with him.
Finally a pooped out little peanut with Mommy at the end of the night. 
He fell asleep in almost record time this evening.
I had so much fun making your costume this year again Brayden.  It makes me feel like my Mom-she always used to make things/costumes for us.  I am proud that you walked so far tonight, and with so much zeal and excitement.  You were so polite and so happy. 
We love you little drummer.
 Happy Halloween Brayden!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

To paint or not to paint???

I acquired this bed.  It was a steal at 29 bucks. It has side rails as well when all put together, and it is actually a three quarter inch bed...almost a full size.  I am still in search of a mattress and box spring that size...but back to the bed.  It is a depression style bed per the antique dealers I contacted about it.  They said it's not really worth much of anything these days and if I wanted to paint it I could.  I really had my heart set on something else for Brayden's first big boy bed, but I don't have the extra $450 bucks laying around to buy it right I am thinking about painting this bed and using it for his room.  Red perhaps with some stain over the distressed sanded edges?  Maybe an antique white slightly distressed.  Black even?  Help me ladies....what do you think?  Also-if you have any advice on how to pait this so it does not LOOK painted...I'm all ears.  The dealer I talked to said to spray paint it...I was thinking of using a small roller.  I don't know.  I need advice.
Head board:
Picture 121
Foot board:
Picture 119

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

{I want it....please}...

I have been telling Brayden to ask for "help" if he needs something, or to say "I want this-or that" to encourage communicating and not whining, or getting frustrated.  So...for the last few months he would get frustrated with something, whine a bit, throw a little tantrum, and eventually say..."ummm-help me, help me".  Progress right?  Well today he figured it all out.  He wanted a piece of Candy Corn.  I told him to tell me what he wanted and he replied, "ummm, I wann it-pees" {I want it please} while pointing at the candy corn.  I happily gave him one, and he told me "hankooo, elcome".  I was so ticked he told me he wanted it, and so politely, then followed it up with thank you AND welcome!!!  That is until I realized later on that it's all over now.  He is now going to WANT everything. 
Uncle Todd and Molly were laughing AT with me tonight about this.
 Ha ha! :-)


Brayden loves to go to the park, and he especially loves his swing {aka: wing}.  He has loved this very swing since he was a baby baby.  Everytime we go by this park-he immediately knows where we are and starts shouting "weeeeee, wing, wing....yeah whoo, yeah".  The other day we had some gorgeous fall weather and took Brayden to play and run a bit.  He had the whole park to himself for about an hour before some other children arrived.  He was curious about watching them play and interact.  We sat back and let him approach the other children on his own-which he did with some reserve.  I told him to tell a little boy there his name and he replied "I'm Me Me"  {that's how he says Bray Bray}.  The other little boy giggled and started to play with Brayden-which he thought was very cool.  He giggled and tried to do everything this other little boy did.  It was very sweet to watch.  My gut was a bit in knots at first wondering if the other children would take to him, and if Brayden's feelings would get hurt in some way. {I know, probably silly of me, but I did not want to see him be ignored or blown off by the other children for fear it would hurt his feelings}.  Thankfully all went well and it was a great moment to be able to see.  He was confident and sweet and curious, and it just made me so proud of him. 
Here is Bray running to his favorite swing.  If you want to see an old article of him on this very HERE. 
Picture 138

Picture 141
My big independent and confident boy...
Picture 135

Brookey's Birthday Party...

This last weekend we went to Brooke's 8th Birthday party.  She is our niece, and one of Brayden's 16  first cousins.  We have a big family-yes we do.  Brayden adores Brookey {as he calls her}, and was pretty much glued to her side for much of the party.  He had so much fun running around and playing with everyone, and everything.  He even took off running into the kitchen at Friendly's-so fast that even Mommy and Daddy could not grab him fast enough.  All you could hear were waiters and waitresses yelling "oh my God-there's a baby in the kitchen".  Yeah, yeah-laugh all you want...{it was actually quite embarassing-and funny too!}.
Here is Brayden and Brooke { how cute is this?}
Picture 164
Here Brayden is loving on Uncle Marion and his other cousin, little Marion while they were hugging.  He got a little jealous they were giving out hugs, and had to join in on the fun I guess.  Too funny.
Picture 183
This photo makes me laugh it's so precious.
{Brayden usually does not give Uncle Marion huggies because he is scared of his beard and it's cute to see this photo of him latching onto his leg-all smiles}.

News, news, news...

I have lots of news to share with everyone this week {when I'm allowed}.  We have had a busy last few days, weeks, & months here in the Snow Family, but we have tons of fun things happening in our family and in our extended families as well.  This year is looking promising for our future, and I am encouraged by things on the horizon.  Stay tuned ;o)

Monday, October 26, 2009


When Ron and I make the bed, Brayden likes to climb under the covers to play TENT!  Ron will flip the blankets up over Braydens head over and over again.  Brayden giggles and yells TENT over and over again as well as saying "here I am", and "where are you?". Tonight as we were making the bed I decided to grab the camera and snap some pictures.  The first one below...Brayden was completely unaware I was there until Daddy lifted the sheet and I took the first picture.  You can see how genuine and un-prompted it is.
Picture 192
Now...this next picture was the second one I took.  Brayden was under the sheet shouting "TENT-TENT!", so Ron once again lifted the sheet up to make Brayden giggle.  Instead, Brayden was a total HAM and was totally prepared to be picture perfect for Mommy's camera happiness. I can't believe my camera actually snapped fast enough to catch this pose before the sheet went back down!  Notice how he even turned directly toward me to pose.  {we both yelled in unison a huge "awwwwweeeee" when we saw this pose}  Ron quickly asked me if I got that picture, as I was already fumbling through the buttons on my camera praying I did.  He had Ron and I in stitches over this...
Picture 193
{It's like he knew I was going to blog this or something}

Friday, October 23, 2009

Inspirational Ideas

I love browsing interior decorating photos for inspiration and ideas.  I love decorating in a way that is somewhat non-traditional.  It's what I like to call Shanny style eclectic-ness. {ha ha}  No, not really...but I like to use things that not everyone has in their homes.  I don't want to have the same run of the mill things that my neighbor has.  That's not to say we don't have ordinary things, because we have lot of ordinary things, but I like to have different pieces as well to offset the norm.  Did that make sense?  Here are some fun photos of inspiration in true Shanny Style Eclectic-ness ;-)
I just love how this room feels.  It is different and certainly not run of the mill.  I am personally going for the black dining set myself, but I do love the quirky little accessories.
I love furniture that is colored.  Greens, Reds, Blue's, and all others as well.  How fun are pieces that have flair?
I love old chests like these.  I have one from my Dad that he used during his Army Intelligent days back in the 70's, long before he passed away.  It is a baby blue, and in really great shape.  I can't wait to use it someplace fun.
I love this from Pottery Barn.  The typewriter keys picture in the back is awesome.  A fellow blogger made one herself and you would never know it was handmade.  You can read her tutorial HERE. I will put this on my project list.
I just love these old desks.  I need to find one and paint it some funky retro color.  Brayden would love it. 
Stay tuned...I have been collecting inspirational ideas for the Baseball Bedroom....will be posting more about that this week.  Hope you enjoyed this lovely eclectic-ness. 

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

I read Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to Brayden quite often.  I actually sing the book to him as that is how it reads.  He loves it.  He begs his cousins Bailey and Casey to sing it to him often as well.  At night he points to the sky and says, "Star, sky!" On the way to get my morning coffee last week I was singing this  to Brayden in the car.  I got caught up in some construction and after the first verse I stopped singing to concentrate on my driving for a moment.  All of a sudden I hear his precious and soft little voice from the back seat sing,  "Up-a-bub-bub-bub-bub-highhhhhh" {perfectly in tune and tempo}.  I started clapping for him and saying "yes bubby-up above the world so a diamond in the sky....yay!"  Later that night he sang it for Daddy at bedtime, and has been showing everyone his vocals since then.  God love him...
Picture 128


Brayden loves brushing his teeth. He {without pushing from us} constantly tells us "teeth-teeth", at least twice a day and sometimes more. The other night I got Brayden out of the tubby and he took off running around the house naked in search of "Daddy!" Once he found Ron downstairs, he begged "teeth-teeth Daddy". Ron and I were in mid-conversation when Brayden decided to take matters into his own hands. A few seconds later we heard the water running in the bathroom sink. We both peeked our heads in the doorway to find Brayden on his knees up on the toilet seat with his toothbrush in hand brushing his teeth completely on. his. own. Laughter and praises of what a big independent boy he is quickly ensued when all I really wanted to do was cry. Cry from happiness that he is such a smart and great little guy, and sadness that he needs me less and less these days. We love you and are so proud of the big boy you are becoming Bray. Keep brushing those pretty teethies ;-) -Mommy

Picture 105

Monday, October 19, 2009

Pumpkin Time...

We went on the hunt this weekend to have Brayden pick out his very own pumpkin {or punkin as he calls it}.  We had a nice day with family, and Brayden managed to get three pumpkins of his very own.  He even got to see real cows, pigs, lambs, and chickens.  He lovingly referred to the pig as ilbur {i.e. Wilbur}, and then later called him bacon....{no joke}.  He has been watching Charlotte's Web quite a bit lately, I'm thinking he picked it up from there perhaps...who knows.  Poor kid is never gonna want bacon again once he figures out it comes from sweet poor little Wilbur.  Moving on...he was scared of the cows and all of thier "mooing" very loudly, and he was not all that amused with anything other than the pigs.  He did seem to enjoy licking the pumpkins though!
{click directly on image to enlarge}

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Dirt...

I was recently tagged to post some random facts about myself...and forgot to.  So, I thought I would go ahead and start my list here tonight.  What better way to start the week right?  Here is the quirky dirt:
1.  I have made a lot of new goals for myself for the New Year.  I promise to post them soon so you can be sure to hold me accountible for getting them done.  I admit...sometimes I need a little push.
2.  I believe in doing kind things, but I do not believe in sharing what Ive done with others.  I think that if you tell to inspire others to do the same, then you are certainly okay, but if you tell just to say "look how nice I am" probably really are not all that nice of a person. 
3.  Honesty is so important.  I am too honest at times.  I am proud of this quality.
4.  Doritos sandwiches, cream cheese and pickles on ritz crackers, and cheese with hot sauce are some of my favorite feel good snacks. 
5.  I love to read books, magazines, blogs, articles everything.  I am so thirsty for knowledge lately.
6.  I love cleaning my van.  I am a really good car cleaner actually.  I detail, armorall-the whole nine yards.  I really do enjoy it. BUT {it seems like everytime I do one of these thorough cleanings, something breaks on the almost has me a bit gunshy lately}.  Did I mention that I am obsessive compulsive and paranoid?  Oh, okay then.
7.  Cleaning is therapeutic to me.  Organizing things makes me feel the same way.  Laundry too.  I'm funny like that.
8.  I recently discovered how much I like to cook.  I also discovered I am actually good at it.  Since I have like a million cookbooks...{that I have never used}, I think I will actually open them and use them once we get all moved into our new house in November.  I might even do some blog articles on them too! I'm steppin' out folks!
9.  I admire smart, genuine, kind, real, and funny people...they inspire me to be a better person. 
10.  I have surprised myself this year!  I have been through so many changes, and so many changes have been through me.  I feel I am better and stronger of a person for all of it.  Humility humbles the soul.  Embrace it-everyone goes through it at some point!
11.  I have the BEST family EVER!  Seriously.  I thank God everyday for them.  They are all so wonderful, strong, beautiful, giving, kind and selfless people.  We are close knit and friends with each other.  We are all so openly quirky and fantastically crazy in our own wonderful ways-but we all work so well together.  We are blessed.
12.  I am NOT a board game or card person.  I really have to be in the mood to play these sorts of games, and usually I am not.  Call me a party pooper-I get it alot.
13.  Fruity Pebbles are my favorite cereal.  I love IHOP breakfasts.  I love breakfast for dinner.  Banana Bread from Bob Evans is my FAV.  I love seafood more than I should.  I love Carraba's bread and dipping sauces-pure heaven, and I eat way too many Ho Ho's, way too often.
14.  If you were to open my closet, the dominent colors you would see are Corals, Oranges, Brown's and Pinks.  It's kind of my go-to colors I guess.
15.  I hate dirty shoes.  It is a HUGE pet peeve of mine.  I think you can tell a lot about someone by looking at thier shoes.
16.  I could write a book about my life and experiences-and you would never believe any of it!  That is how wonderfully bizarre, happy, blessed, sad, sick and strange it has been thus far.  "only you Shannon"  has become a Strong family catch phrase.  I would not change a thing though.  I really would not.  Good and bad-God has always been there for me, and I try to always find his lessons in everything.
17.  I write this blog for Brayden.  I want to do the whole Blog to Book publish each year so when he is older he will be able to read all about his life, my life, and the life of Daddy, our families and friends, passions and experiences. 
I'm done for now ladies.  I am not going to tag anyone now since I am already behind the 8 ball here...but feel free to say I tagged you if you feel compelled to share your quirky dirt with the rest of us.  Have a fan-tab-u-lous week!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Decor Scrapping....

I have been dreaming about decorating again.  That happens quite frequenly to me actually.  {ha ha}.  I have not had a normal home to decorate in over 6 months since our move to Florida back in May-without any of our things.  Our new house will be available for us mid-November, and my mind is swirling swirling swirling with all of the projects that I am going to do.  It will be nice to finally be in a home again as a family, and not nomad transplants like we have been for the last 6 months.  I am humbled and excited about starting fresh again.  Here are some fun ideas I am dreaming of {some are a little eclectic} but I love deorating with pieces that are not ordinary.  I love finding new ways of using ordinary things, or fun colors that express my personality. 

I love this vintage scale.  I could hang it from the ceiling in the kitchen.  I found this one on ebay listed for less than $15.
Film reels.  How fun are these?  Pottery Barn did a wall with these and I fell in love with them.  These were also on ebay for less than $5 for all of them.  Love love love
I really think this is fun and rare.  What a great end table this would make huh?  I love it just the way it is, but a nice round piece of glass on top would totally finish off this look.  Also on ebay for less than $20.
Pottery Barn has this media desk in thier new fall catalog, and I adore it.  Red furniture is so attractive to me.  I just adore it.  I want one.  I will keep scouring garge sales for one similar though.
entertainment stand idea
Here is another BLACK dining room set.  I cannot wait to paint ours.  I think it is going to be gorgeous.  I wish I could remember which fellow blogger did this one, but I can't....sorry.  She did a great job though.
black dining 2
Finally...I love embroidered fabric, pillows and otherwise.  They are historic and beautiful to me.  I read an article recently that suggested buying a yard or two of embroidered fabric, and backing it with fleece for a tailored looking throw blanket to match some homemade pillows.  How fun will this project be?  Can't wait.
What are your decorating dreams? 

Friday, October 16, 2009

Hand in hand...

As you know I have been fighting this horrible cold for days.  It really is not fun.  Brayden keeps coming up to me and asking for hugs.  I think he is secretly wondering why I have been keeping my lovey distance for the last few days.  I just don't want him to get this awful ick I have.  Lastnight as we both lay sound asleep...I was awaken to a little hand that slowly crept up my arm to my hand.  I then felt little fingers grasp and squeeze my fingers in attempt to hold my hand.  I opened my eyes thinking Brayden was awake, only to find he was sound asleep.  As sick and terrible as I felt...this warmed my heart, and brought a smile to this Momma's face, even at 3 in the morning ;-)  I love you bubby...thank you for knowing just what Mommy needs to smile. 

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Drop Cloth 101

Ladies...drop cloth is soon to be my new best friend.  I love to sew, but I loathe buying expensive fabrics.  I love expensive fabrics, now don't get me wrong...I just hate the price, so I endlessly search for them at garage sales, second hand stores or Old Time Pottery's.  I have a ton of projects that I have been thinking about...and drop cloth is going to save me a bundle, and still give me the look I am going for here.  At just $9 bucks for yards and yards and yards of this material...{you can't go wrong}.  Look at these lovely uses for drop cloth ladies.  I am in awe, and can't wait to get started on some of these projects.
Roman Shades with Growgrain ribbon...
Chair covers made from drop cloth...
dining 1
A throw rug made from drop cloth and material....{ahhh lovely}...
A duvet cover, and dyed drop cloth shams...
Drop cloth drapes {and chair cover}
Drop cloth slip covers...
Pillows with some fabric paint!
Oh, I could just go on and on...the possiblities are endless here.  Love all of it.  Hope you enjoyed the eye candy as well.
 Happy Decorating!


It's snowing in the land of the Snow Family today.  Its ony October too!  Adding to that fun news is that I am fighting a horrible icky cold too.  It's kicking this Momma's butt just a little bit.  I am trying to get better soon so I can get caught up on the blog.  I have some fun articles swirling in my head along with this cold I they will have to wait.
 Stay Healthy-Stay Happy.  -Snow Mommy.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

{Lessons learned}...

I have learned many lessons lately.
 I am feeling inspired to share a few of them:
1.  Forgiveness is overrated.  If people treat you terribly...kick them to the curb...:-)
2.  Save is so important to have a nest egg.  I've learned my lesson there.
3.  You never know your own strength until you are forced to find it.  I have, and I did.  I feel more empowered now.  That feels good. I am proud of myself, and my newfound strength.
4.  I don't need to keep negative people in my life anymore becuase I feel the need to help them.  You can't help crazy people that will never change.  As my mom once told me-arguing with people that are not "all there" is like trying to win an argument with someone in a straight jacket-I'll never win-I will just drive myself crazy in the process.  She was right, and I am finally taking that advice.
5.  People make bad decisions, but they are only bad if you learn nothing from them. {so true}.
6.  Creativity feeds my soul.
7.  Being a Mother is the greatest and single most important thing I have ever done, will do, and I am embracing all of the moments I can-because life is short and time moves so quickly.
8.  Music heals my soul.
9.  Education and constant learning renew me.  Therefore back to school I will go.
10.  Tell the ones you love that you love them every chance you get.  Nothing is more important. Nothing.
11.  I am surrounding myself with positive, happy, encouraging, and kind people.  Anyone not wanting to join in on my happy party...the curb is waiting ;-)

{I just love her}

Drew that is...Barrymore.  Yes I adore her-she is just such a happy soul.  I have adored her even since her Fire Starter days...yes-even as a child.  I read some of her fun little quotes the other day, and just HAD to post a few-because I LOVE them. 

"You could be a bag of toxicity or you could be a happy, good person who spreads joy"

"There is joy that's earned by failure or triumph.  All those things add up to teach us, if we are open to it"

"To know someone, you need to look into their eyes"

"Laugh, laugh, laugh.  Life is like high school and it's small and everybody talks about everybody, so just laugh"

"Let your freak flag fly, and is someone doesn't get you, move on"

Well put Drew, I could not agree more.


So, cousin Michelle went to see a psychic.  My Uncle Gary who has since passed had some really beautiful and sentimental things to say to her.  Her story is touching and special.  My mother and I were discussing this, and decided we needed to make a pact.  I suggested we come up with a mother-daughter password of sorts, so if something should ever happen to either one of us, and we go to a psychic-this password would let us know we were really there!  My Mom blurts out quickly... "what about Alakazam?"  I snorted with laughter!  "Alakazam Mom, really?"  We both the point I had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard.  I told her I feared I might forget that word and think it was something like Alakazoo!  She laughed at my ditziness-saying I would get up from the psychic and say..."no no-that was NOT our password".  She is so funny. I adore my mother.  I adore our conversations, our laughter, and the fact that I can literally discuss anything with her. 
So, Alakazam it is Mom....Alakazam.

Time to celebrate....

Two of our very best friends in the whole world are finally {FINALLY} getting married!!!  We have been waiting for them to get engaged for what seems like forever.  Lastnight we went to their house for dinner, and they gave me permission to formally announce this finally as{we have already known now for while}.  I am so happy for them!  Ramona and Brian-congratulations!!!  We love both of you and can't wait for the wedding, planning, fun, all of it!  It is certainly time to celebrate.  Congratulations and hugs hugs hugs!  Woot woot!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

{He sold us out}

We took Brayden to a buffet the other night.  A buffet that actually charges for age 2 and up!  I thought we had at least another year. Moving on......I leaned over to Ron and mentioned that I thought that was ridiculous to have to pay 8$ for Bray to eat three bites of mac and cheese and a chicken finger or two at most!  He agreed.  The waitress came over to play with Brayden and she asked how old he was.  Ron nonchalantly replied: "oh-he's almost two".  {ha ha}!  Right!  I then got up to go get my dinner and from across the restaurant I could see that the waitress had gone back to the table to play with Bray again.  What's worse is that while she was at the table I could hear him from across the restaurant loudly proclaiming to her....
"  I Two-  I Twoooooooo- I twooooooooooo!!!!"
new outfit 004
He totally sold us out.
  {lesson learned}

Getting Creative...

We have really been working on Brayden learning all of his colors these last few weeks. He knows Red, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Blue, Brown & sometimes Green depending on his mood of course! He has been doing very well, and he says them so adorably. Yellow is actually (ellow), Orange is (oren), and everything else is pretty spot on! We have a confession though, we have been bribing encouraging his love for learning colors with none other than these fun treats.

It has worked wonders! He also enjoys Reeses pieces too!
Hey-whatever works right?

Monday, October 5, 2009

Austin's Birthday ...

Sunday we went to my brother Sean's house to celebrate my nephew Austin's birthday. We had so much fun catching up with everyone and visiting. Brayden had tons of fun. He also got to open some belated birthday gifts of course-he thought that was very cool.
What a beautiful family day everyone had together.
I love days like these...

Charleigh's Angels...

This weekend we went to participate in the "Wheels around the Park" 2009 walk to support children with Down Syndrome.  Very good friends of ours-{practically family}, have a little girl named Charliegh who was diagnosed with Down Syndrome.  She is a complete doll baby.  We all went as "Charliegh's Angels" to show our support.  It was a day full of love, laughter and the making of beautiful memories.  After the walk-we went to Brandi's house-{Charlieghs Aunt} to hang out with the Charleigh's Angels gang before we all headed out to La Bella Sicilia for dinner to celebrate Charleigh's day, as well as our good friends Von and Chris' birthdays.  We had such a wonderful, beautiful day.  We are so grateful they invited us to participate in this day with all of them.  They are our extended family here in Jamestown, and we love them more than words can describe. They are all such beautiful, supportive and loving, kind people.  We are blessed to have been able to experience and share this day with all of them.  We love you guys!!!
Thank you!
Here is a slideshow I made to document the day...

Friday, October 2, 2009

Growth & Happiness...

Growth is something that is inevitable.  You experience growth everyday in some way.  I love growing.  I don't always like the strides it takes to get there, but upon the reflection of it, I really do love it.  I also love watching growth take place, especially when it comes to my little one.  Reflecting took me to a photo of him from this time of year in 2007.  He was only a mere 1 month old. 
oct 3 07
This brings me to Happiness.  We all experience happiness everyday in some way.  I love happiness.  I don't always like the strife it takes to get there, but upon reflection of it, I really do love it.  I also love watching happiness take place, especially when it comes to Brayden.  I experience daily happiness when I get to see this happy little face.
10 09
Life is not always about plans going perfectly.  It is not always full of harmony and calm.  It is however,  always teaching us something wonderful.  It is constantly leading us to better things.  If you look closely enough-you realize that God is always bringing us closer to more growth & happiness.  I am embracing my strengths, growth and happiness these days more than I have in my entire life.  I am feeling the harmony, and the calm.  I am feeling grateful, blessed, excited, humbled and....well.....Happy! 

I {heart} Decorating...

So, I have been dreaming and {as many of you already know} am planning my next decorating projects {if you will}.  I know, that sounds so professional...and I am hardly a professional decorator-but I do love to do it-and on a budget, so that makes it even more fun.  I love looking at photos to gather ideas for my little idea decorating book I have.  I stockpile it full of things I plan to do.  I have been bad at my execution lately-but life sometimes has a way of throwing us curveballs.  I have had one of those for the last 6 months...but am finally at the point again where I can start to dream about what is on the horizon for our lives, and for my decorating.  Speaking of curveballs...I am LOVING this adorable toddler bed for Brayden.  {I know I have changed my mind several times on this bed situation, but I think this is THE ONE}. 
baseball bed
Next project:
The Dining room set. 
I need to paint it.
I want to paint it. 
I will paint it...BLACK!
Something like this from Memories on Clover Lane.  She did a brilliant job. 
I am also thinking these awesome little chairs from Target would fit nicely on our livingroom and the colors would compliment our chocolate leather sofa.  We did not purchase a loveseat and find that we absolutely need more seating...I am thinking I will need 2 of these beauties...and I love the chaise below too....
avington chair target

The Bedroom: I love this comforter. Sams Club had them for awhile, but I will need to go elsewhere for it now...but I adore it.  The colors are so soothing too. It is perfect for the color scheme I have been daydreaming about for the master Bedroom.
Finally, ottomans.  I {heart} ottomans also...and am loving this one {which I am pretty sure I could make}.
Happy Decorating!!!