Saturday, October 31, 2009

Our little Drummer...

Brayden loves to drum, so it was only fitting he be a drummer for Halloween.  I made a trip to WalMart late late lastnight in search of items to make this little drummer costume happen.  Fur, buttons, some black pants, a red shirt, ribbon, fringe, glitter, polyfoam, and hot glue later....this is what Mommy made {until 3am I might add} the night before Halloween. 
Picture 216
When I got the costume on him tonight, he quickly looked down at the fur on his sleeves and pet it so lovingly.  He then looked at me and said "puppy"!  "Ah, no Bray, that's fur baby, not a puppy!".  I thought for sure after that comment that showing him the hat I made was really gonna freak him out!
Oh the hat.  I will admit that in making this costume, that hat was indeed the hardest part.  I was trying polyfoam on Brayden's head in his sleep to make sure I could make this thing fit.  Trying to cut its shape was not any easier, and the hot glue involved left me with three blisters on my poor fingers. 
It was so worth it though.
Brayden had so much fun marching around telling everyone that he was "a drummer".
 He said " hi-see" for trick or treat, and {elcome} and {ankyou} to almost everyone he saw.
  It was quite precious to watch.
At one point he boycotted walking any further until we gave him a "sticky" aka: sucker.
 He could not figure out why it was so important to get all of this candy, only to put it in his little drum container!
 He finally had enough with getting candy he wasn't eating.
He finally stood up long enough to make sure the candy was still there, and to help Daddy pick out just the right "sticky".
Picture 308
Once he found the right one, and we inspected it and handed it over....we got our happy little drummer back...
Sticky, red lips and all...
{Yes, we know...we are suckers!  No pun intended}
He soon ran out of his little sugar rush, and decided to take a rest...
on a strangers front porch...
while insisting we "wing" with him.
Finally a pooped out little peanut with Mommy at the end of the night. 
He fell asleep in almost record time this evening.
I had so much fun making your costume this year again Brayden.  It makes me feel like my Mom-she always used to make things/costumes for us.  I am proud that you walked so far tonight, and with so much zeal and excitement.  You were so polite and so happy. 
We love you little drummer.
 Happy Halloween Brayden!

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Mommy Mac said...


You outdid yourself!

I love the costume! You are a professional. It rocked!


I am sooooo impressed.

Loved the "sticky" word for sucker too.

Halloween is awesome!

.mac :)