Tuesday, October 6, 2009

{He sold us out}

We took Brayden to a buffet the other night.  A buffet that actually charges for age 2 and up!  I thought we had at least another year. Moving on......I leaned over to Ron and mentioned that I thought that was ridiculous to have to pay 8$ for Bray to eat three bites of mac and cheese and a chicken finger or two at most!  He agreed.  The waitress came over to play with Brayden and she asked how old he was.  Ron nonchalantly replied: "oh-he's almost two".  {ha ha}!  Right!  I then got up to go get my dinner and from across the restaurant I could see that the waitress had gone back to the table to play with Bray again.  What's worse is that while she was at the table I could hear him from across the restaurant loudly proclaiming to her....
"  I Two-  I Twoooooooo- I twooooooooooo!!!!"
new outfit 004
He totally sold us out.
  {lesson learned}

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