Tuesday, October 27, 2009

{I want it....please}...

I have been telling Brayden to ask for "help" if he needs something, or to say "I want this-or that" to encourage communicating and not whining, or getting frustrated.  So...for the last few months he would get frustrated with something, whine a bit, throw a little tantrum, and eventually say..."ummm-help me, help me".  Progress right?  Well today he figured it all out.  He wanted a piece of Candy Corn.  I told him to tell me what he wanted and he replied, "ummm, I wann it-pees" {I want it please} while pointing at the candy corn.  I happily gave him one, and he told me "hankooo, elcome".  I was so ticked he told me he wanted it, and so politely, then followed it up with thank you AND welcome!!!  That is until I realized later on that it's all over now.  He is now going to WANT everything. 
Uncle Todd and Molly were laughing AT with me tonight about this.
 Ha ha! :-)

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