Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Brayden loves to go to the park, and he especially loves his swing {aka: wing}.  He has loved this very swing since he was a baby baby.  Everytime we go by this park-he immediately knows where we are and starts shouting "weeeeee, wing, wing....yeah whoo, yeah".  The other day we had some gorgeous fall weather and took Brayden to play and run a bit.  He had the whole park to himself for about an hour before some other children arrived.  He was curious about watching them play and interact.  We sat back and let him approach the other children on his own-which he did with some reserve.  I told him to tell a little boy there his name and he replied "I'm Me Me"  {that's how he says Bray Bray}.  The other little boy giggled and started to play with Brayden-which he thought was very cool.  He giggled and tried to do everything this other little boy did.  It was very sweet to watch.  My gut was a bit in knots at first wondering if the other children would take to him, and if Brayden's feelings would get hurt in some way. {I know, probably silly of me, but I did not want to see him be ignored or blown off by the other children for fear it would hurt his feelings}.  Thankfully all went well and it was a great moment to be able to see.  He was confident and sweet and curious, and it just made me so proud of him. 
Here is Bray running to his favorite swing.  If you want to see an old article of him on this very swing...click HERE. 
Picture 138

Picture 141
My big independent and confident boy...
Picture 135

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