Thursday, October 8, 2009


So, cousin Michelle went to see a psychic.  My Uncle Gary who has since passed had some really beautiful and sentimental things to say to her.  Her story is touching and special.  My mother and I were discussing this, and decided we needed to make a pact.  I suggested we come up with a mother-daughter password of sorts, so if something should ever happen to either one of us, and we go to a psychic-this password would let us know we were really there!  My Mom blurts out quickly... "what about Alakazam?"  I snorted with laughter!  "Alakazam Mom, really?"  We both the point I had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard.  I told her I feared I might forget that word and think it was something like Alakazoo!  She laughed at my ditziness-saying I would get up from the psychic and say..."no no-that was NOT our password".  She is so funny. I adore my mother.  I adore our conversations, our laughter, and the fact that I can literally discuss anything with her. 
So, Alakazam it is Mom....Alakazam.


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