Monday, October 26, 2009


When Ron and I make the bed, Brayden likes to climb under the covers to play TENT!  Ron will flip the blankets up over Braydens head over and over again.  Brayden giggles and yells TENT over and over again as well as saying "here I am", and "where are you?". Tonight as we were making the bed I decided to grab the camera and snap some pictures.  The first one below...Brayden was completely unaware I was there until Daddy lifted the sheet and I took the first picture.  You can see how genuine and un-prompted it is.
Picture 192
Now...this next picture was the second one I took.  Brayden was under the sheet shouting "TENT-TENT!", so Ron once again lifted the sheet up to make Brayden giggle.  Instead, Brayden was a total HAM and was totally prepared to be picture perfect for Mommy's camera happiness. I can't believe my camera actually snapped fast enough to catch this pose before the sheet went back down!  Notice how he even turned directly toward me to pose.  {we both yelled in unison a huge "awwwwweeeee" when we saw this pose}  Ron quickly asked me if I got that picture, as I was already fumbling through the buttons on my camera praying I did.  He had Ron and I in stitches over this...
Picture 193
{It's like he knew I was going to blog this or something}

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Kacey R. said...

What a cutie! He is getting so big! Don't you just love all of those giggles? They are just the best!