Friday, October 2, 2009

I {heart} Decorating...

So, I have been dreaming and {as many of you already know} am planning my next decorating projects {if you will}.  I know, that sounds so professional...and I am hardly a professional decorator-but I do love to do it-and on a budget, so that makes it even more fun.  I love looking at photos to gather ideas for my little idea decorating book I have.  I stockpile it full of things I plan to do.  I have been bad at my execution lately-but life sometimes has a way of throwing us curveballs.  I have had one of those for the last 6 months...but am finally at the point again where I can start to dream about what is on the horizon for our lives, and for my decorating.  Speaking of curveballs...I am LOVING this adorable toddler bed for Brayden.  {I know I have changed my mind several times on this bed situation, but I think this is THE ONE}. 
baseball bed
Next project:
The Dining room set. 
I need to paint it.
I want to paint it. 
I will paint it...BLACK!
Something like this from Memories on Clover Lane.  She did a brilliant job. 
I am also thinking these awesome little chairs from Target would fit nicely on our livingroom and the colors would compliment our chocolate leather sofa.  We did not purchase a loveseat and find that we absolutely need more seating...I am thinking I will need 2 of these beauties...and I love the chaise below too....
avington chair target

The Bedroom: I love this comforter. Sams Club had them for awhile, but I will need to go elsewhere for it now...but I adore it.  The colors are so soothing too. It is perfect for the color scheme I have been daydreaming about for the master Bedroom.
Finally, ottomans.  I {heart} ottomans also...and am loving this one {which I am pretty sure I could make}.
Happy Decorating!!!

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kristi said...

love those chairs for your living room!! they're beautiful!