Wednesday, October 28, 2009

To paint or not to paint???

I acquired this bed.  It was a steal at 29 bucks. It has side rails as well when all put together, and it is actually a three quarter inch bed...almost a full size.  I am still in search of a mattress and box spring that size...but back to the bed.  It is a depression style bed per the antique dealers I contacted about it.  They said it's not really worth much of anything these days and if I wanted to paint it I could.  I really had my heart set on something else for Brayden's first big boy bed, but I don't have the extra $450 bucks laying around to buy it right I am thinking about painting this bed and using it for his room.  Red perhaps with some stain over the distressed sanded edges?  Maybe an antique white slightly distressed.  Black even?  Help me ladies....what do you think?  Also-if you have any advice on how to pait this so it does not LOOK painted...I'm all ears.  The dealer I talked to said to spray paint it...I was thinking of using a small roller.  I don't know.  I need advice.
Head board:
Picture 121
Foot board:
Picture 119

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Mommy Mac said...

Sand it down really well.

Like see if you can borrow someone's electric sander if you don't own one.

I like a red look. Not fire engine, but more a deeper red. Not rusty or wine though.

Like vintage red...more cool tones.

Then paint it with a wide brush thick with bristles.

Do 2 coats.

Paint some white streaks around the trim and edges after it is dry...or an off white color.

Then sand it with coarse sand paper by hand.

Sand it more heavily where you want it to look more distressed.

Then give it a high gloss spray paint clear coat.

I think you will love that look!

Good luck!!!

.mac :)